Each student is required to read the Policies and Guidelines and then electronically sign the Orchestra Contract.

We would like to handle all of this online in order to keep paper usage to a minimum.

The LSW Orchestra quickly achieved notoriety in Missouri by being invited to perform at the 2006 Missouri Music Educators Association (MMEA) Conference and Workshop. The program, entitled “Spain on the Brain,” featured a wide variety of music and the orchestra completed the concert with a rousing spanish favorite, co-arranged by Mr. Mosier and Mr. Harrel.

In 2009, the Symphony Orchestra was invited to perform again at MMEA. This year, the orchestra finished the concert with an incredible blend of symphonic sounds and rock featuring senior and All-State bassist Louie Pagán on guitar.

This class is designed as a separate performing group. Auditions for concert/symphonic orchestra are mandatory. This class will concentrate on the development of instrumental skills with emphasis on tone production (bowing, hand position), sight reading, rhythmic skills (counting system), music notation, and ear training. Some individual performance will be done. The performance schedule is limited but participation is required in all performances.

Ability grouped by department. Wind and percussion students must be in marching band, auditioned by the director, and approved by the department to participate. This class is designed to play highly advanced music that requires quality musicianship and self-discipline. Musical skills are further developed with an emphasis on tone production, sight reading, rhythmic skills, music notation, and ear training. A more in-depth study of musical style, expression, and orchestral literature will be explored. Performances are a major part of this course. Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances.