Titan Pride Band Update, Week of Aug 20th

Happy Friday!  As promised, here is my weekly Friday email.

Monday, Aug 20th
Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser begins.  Students will bring materials home.  This will be a fundraiser for individual accounts (Orlando Trip, band fees, dress/tuxedo fees, etc….)
Tuesday, Aug 21st
Evening Rehearsal – 6:30 – 8:30pm
A reminder to all that these rehearsals are required.  Excused absences are reserved for illness, family emergencies, and LSW sports conflicts.  Feel free to email if you have a question about this.
Thursday, Aug 23rd
Evening Rehearsal – 6:30 – 8:30pm
Friday, Aug 24th
Home Football Game
Call times are:  

4:30pm – Battery (tailgate performance around 5 or 5:15) (dinner provided for battery)
5:00pm – Colorguard
5:30pm – Rest of band
9:30ish – Pick up time
Football  game tips for students:
  • Students need to wear marching shoes (handed out next week) and shin/knee high black socks (like dad’s dress socks).
  • Students should wear lightweight athletic shorts and the black uniform shirt (rookies will not have this until the second game, so please wear a PLAIN black tee shirt)
  • Long hair will need to be pinned up or in a bun (should not be seen under helmet)
  • Students should eat dinner BEFORE they come
  • Students will receive gloves when they arrive
Football game tips for parents:
  • There is a fee for entering the game (please be aware) even if it’s just to watch the band
  • At halftime, the optimal viewing spot is 50 yardline as high as you can get (this may mean you have to go up there JUST for the halftime performance)
  • Cheer as loud as you can, the kids feed off of this
  • Come and support and have fun, it becomes quite a community 🙂
Future items of importance
  • Ice Cream Social tickets will go on sale soon, stay tuned….
  • Timing of September 8th (Saturday) rehearsal is TBD now due to the ACT test
  • Concert dress and tuxedo fittings will happen soon
  • The Homecoming Parade this year is ON-CAMPUS on Friday.  Parking lot will close promptly at 4pm (just trying to let you plan ahead)
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Have a blessed weekend!