Titan Pride Band Update, Week of Aug 20th

Happy Friday!  As promised, here is my weekly Friday email.

Monday, Aug 20th
Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser begins.  Students will bring materials home.  This will be a fundraiser for individual accounts (Orlando Trip, band fees, dress/tuxedo fees, etc….)
Tuesday, Aug 21st
Evening Rehearsal – 6:30 – 8:30pm
A reminder to all that these rehearsals are required.  Excused absences are reserved for illness, family emergencies, and LSW sports conflicts.  Feel free to email if you have a question about this.
Thursday, Aug 23rd
Evening Rehearsal – 6:30 – 8:30pm
Friday, Aug 24th
Home Football Game
Call times are:  

4:30pm – Battery (tailgate performance around 5 or 5:15) (dinner provided for battery)
5:00pm – Colorguard
5:30pm – Rest of band
9:30ish – Pick up time
Football  game tips for students:
  • Students need to wear marching shoes (handed out next week) and shin/knee high black socks (like dad’s dress socks).
  • Students should wear lightweight athletic shorts and the black uniform shirt (rookies will not have this until the second game, so please wear a PLAIN black tee shirt)
  • Long hair will need to be pinned up or in a bun (should not be seen under helmet)
  • Students should eat dinner BEFORE they come
  • Students will receive gloves when they arrive
Football game tips for parents:
  • There is a fee for entering the game (please be aware) even if it’s just to watch the band
  • At halftime, the optimal viewing spot is 50 yardline as high as you can get (this may mean you have to go up there JUST for the halftime performance)
  • Cheer as loud as you can, the kids feed off of this
  • Come and support and have fun, it becomes quite a community 🙂
Future items of importance
  • Ice Cream Social tickets will go on sale soon, stay tuned….
  • Timing of September 8th (Saturday) rehearsal is TBD now due to the ACT test
  • Concert dress and tuxedo fittings will happen soon
  • The Homecoming Parade this year is ON-CAMPUS on Friday.  Parking lot will close promptly at 4pm (just trying to let you plan ahead)
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Have a blessed weekend!

LSW Music (for parents and students)

Hello everyone,

First of all I’d like to say THANK YOU so much to those that volunteered this past weekend. I personally got several compliments from various people that appreciate how smooth and efficiently we organize this while putting the students first.

I’m addressing this for parents and students because we’re in need of many more volunteers for this Wednesday (5th) and Thursday(6th). Please don’t wait for someone else to volunteer, or for a specific spot to fill, just step in and volunteer. Students encourage your parents to volunteer and not wait as well. We have fun while working and enjoy lots of great music.

A few other news and notes:

Seniors – if you haven’t turned in you scholarship paperwork let me know and we’ll see what we can do since the deadline was actually yesterday.

Lee’s Summit Festival – Students that are performing at this should already know, times for their performances should be announced soon. This is on April 13th.

State Contest for solo/small ensembles is on April 28th. This is for students that got a 1 at Districts on March 10/11.

Officers – We’re still in need of officers for next school year. Please consider becoming an officer and helping us improve how we can support all of our students. Everything that we do is as a team and without you helping we can’t provide the support that makes our music program amazing. I’ll need to put names down on the ballot for our elections.

April 5th – State Festival – Band – Volunteers needed!!!!!
April 6th – State Festival – Orchestra – Volunteers needed!!!!
April 11th – Music parent meeting (Officer election is this day)
April 13th – Lee’s Summit Festival

Thank you for being part of this great music parent organization!


Music State Festival

Good evening,

We’re a little over a week away from the State Festival. This festival is a little different than the last one in that this consists of large ensembles for band, orchestra and choir.

We are very short of both parent and student volunteers on all days and shifts. We’ll get each parent into a position to be able to hear their students perform. If there is a specific job you’d like to have please let myself or Michelle Krause know, we’ll do what we can to place you in that spot but keep in mind some areas are higher priority to staff than others.

March 31st – 2nd/3rd Bands
April 1st – Choir
April 5th – 1st Bands
April 6th – Orchestra

Charms instructions — use this to sign up for volunteering for adults and students

Go to www.charmsoffice.com

– Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and select Parents/Students/Members

– Enter school code: lswhsmusic

– Click on the Public Calendar icon

– Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand (if you know your students number please enter it)

Thank you,


LSWMP March news and notes

Hello everyone,

We’re about to start a very busy ending to the year, it’s crazy to think that in just a little over 2 ½ months the school year will be coming to an end. There’s some amazing music to be heard over the next couple of months and I hope everyone will take a few minutes to stop and enjoy it.

It takes a lot of work to make the next couple of months go smoothly but if everyone is willing to give a little bit of their valuable time it’s something we as a group can do together easily. As a music department we have over 500 students, many of which participate in both instrumental and vocal. How many activities in school have that many students associated with it? I’m going to go out on a limb and say none except for the entire student body of the high school. These amazing young adults are why our music teachers need the music parent’s help with so many things; please join me in giving them all the support we can over the next couple of months.

On to the news and notes, I apologize for the length of this email but as I stated it’s a busy time.

Music Festival: March 10th and 11th

  • · Thank you to those that have already volunteered for March 10 and 11.
  • · March 10 – We still have need for one parent volunteer on the 2:30pm – 6:00pm slot.
  • · March 11 – We still have need for one parent volunteer on the 1:15pm – 4:15pm slot.
  • · Students – We can use more students in several slots for both days. If the slots are full and you want to volunteer please show up anyway! If you need community service this is a great time to get it, all students need community service to graduate.
  • · We’ll need more volunteers at the end of the month/beginning of April and you can sign up for those as well.
  • · This music festival can’t be successful without parent and student volunteers.

Music parent officers:

  • · Following up from above in order to give the teachers and students the support needed we need an amazing group of parents to help lead us.

o There are a couple of positions available for the upcoming year – treasurer and merchandising.

o Positions that will open up after next year that you could shadow the current person – secretary and band uniforms.

o If those don’t interest you and another position does many of our current officers are more than willing to adjust to other roles because we’re all interested in doing what’s best for the entire music program.

Kauffman Performance: March 12th

  • · All information in regards to performance time, schedule to meet at LSW, parking, etc should have been received from the teachers.
  • · Students aren’t allowed to carry anything with them into Kauffman Center other than what’s in their pockets. No food is allowed at all.

Chicago trip (this only applies to those going):

  • · Packing information will be sent from the teachers this weekend.
  • · You should have already received information about departure time, itinerary and bringing their concert outfit(s) with them to Tuesday’s rehearsal.
  • · Any questions please direct to the music teachers.


  • · Trash bag fundraiser – This is for individual accounts and will begin on April 12th. Look for more information towards the first week of April.
  • · Mattress fundraiser – This is a fundraiser for the program as well as the individual student accounts. It will be held on May 6th. We’ll have more information about this at our April 11th meeting.

Seniors – If you’re majoring in music then we’ve got scholarship opportunities for you. Check out a scholarship packet in the guidance counselor office.

Upcoming dates:

· March 10-11 – Solo and Ensemble Contest

· March 12 – Kauffman Performance

· March 14 – Pre Chicago Concert

· March 15 – Band performs at Walmart grand opening

· March 16-21 – Chicago Trip

· March 31 – Large Ensemble Contest 2nd/3rd Bands

· April 1 – Choir Contest

· April 5 – Large Ensemble Contest 1st Bands and Percussion Ensembles

· April 6 – Orchestra Contest

· April 11 – LSWMP Meeting

· April 13 – Lee’s Summit Festival

Charms instructions – use this to sign up for volunteering for adults and students

Go to www.charmsoffice.com

– Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and select Parents/Students/Members

– Enter school code: lswhsmusic

– Click on the Public Calendar icon

– Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand (if you know your students number please enter it)

Thank you,

Brent Grigsby

LSWMP President

LSWMP Music Scholarship

Good morning,

Congratulations seniors, and parents, on reaching the conclusion of your high school journey. I’m proud to announce that the annual LSWMP Scholarship and Roy and Barbara Nelson Scholarship are now available for seniors that plan to major in music at college.

Scholarship packets are available in the guidance counselor’s office as of first thing in the morning (at schools end at the latest). All packets are due on April 3rd by 3:00pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

I’ve also attached a pdf file with the information. Should you have any questions please contact Jeff Duncan at jefngeo or myself at lswmusicpresident, brentgrigsby.

Thank you,

Brent Grigsby
LSWMP President

Music Scholarship 2017.pdf

Volunteer opportunities

Good morning,

We’ve got a couple of events scheduled in the next couple of weeks that we need your help with. You might not see my name on the volunteer slots for the events below but I’ll be at them the entire time. I know that we’ve all got very busy lives but please take a few hours and volunteer to help not only our students but also other students in our school district.

Taste of Lee’s Summit – March 4th 4:30pm-10:00pm

We need at least 10 adult volunteers for this event; the dress code is: a white shirt, black pants and black shoes. You’ll be able to sample food from various vendors, make bids on fantastic donations from the community and interact with a diverse group of people. There are positions for standing, sitting and walking around. LSWMP typically receives $2500 from this partnership that helps pay for various things including awards. Attached is a bit more information as well. I can attest to this being an awesome night and an experience that I’ve done for the past four years and look forward to doing this again.

Here’s a little information about the event – This event is an adult only event and all money raised is for the student programs across the district (Great beginnings thru 12th grade). Our goal this year is to raise $100,000! In years past we were able to provide the chrome books to LS R-7 students thru the generous donations and auction money raised.

District Festival– March 10th and 11th

This is for solo and small ensembles for the entire music program. We’ve got many open slots for parents and students to volunteer and listen to some wonderful performances.

Performance times will probably come out the end of this week or the very beginning of next week. If you happen to volunteer during the time your student performs, we will assign you to their room or arrange for someone to take your place so that you will hear them perform. Please don’t let the lack of performance times stop you from volunteering.

Charms instructions – use this to sign up for volunteering for adults and students
Go to www.charmsoffice.com
– Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and select Parents/Students/Members
– Enter school code: lswhsmusic
– Click on the Public Calendar icon
– Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand (if you know your students number please enter it)

Upcoming events:

March 4 – Taste of Lee’s Summit

March 7 – LSWMP Meeting (LSW Band room)

March 10 – District Festival (Choir)

March 11 – District Festival (Instrumental)

March 12 – Kauffman Center performance

Thank you and go Titans!

Brent Grigsby

LSWMP President

Music Patch Orders are Due Monday the 27th

Music Parents and Students:

All order forms are due in the lock box in the instrumal or choir rooms by the end of the school day, Monday February 27th. I would like to thank the parents that made me aware that the ‘Men’s Choir’ patch was not included on the previous order form. I have added it to the form.

Patches will probably be distributed in April, the orders are taking about 8 weeks.

Music Patch Orders Due February 27th

Attention Music Students/Parents:

All 2017 Music Patch orders are due by February 27th, we have only received a few orders in the music department and we are 8 days away from the deadline. The Attached order form includes all patches for the following:

Marching Band


Symphonic Band

Concert Band


Percussion Ensemble


Wind Ensemble

Color Guard



Please Print the attached form and submit your orders to the locked drop boxes in the music department.

February Music Parents Notes

Good morning,

We’ve got a busy next few months coming in the music program.  It’ll take all of our parents to assist in making this a success.  There is the Chicago trip that many are going on, a Kauffman Center performance for most of the music students, a large number of students performing solo or small ensembles, virtually all students in the music program will be performing at the state festival and this doesn’t count our year end performances.

Putting this together takes a great deal of work from your music teachers and many key volunteers to coordinate these activities.  We however can’t make any of it successful without a large assist from our parents to volunteer.  Please see the end of this email to sign up via charms.

Taste of Lee’s Summit – This is held in the evening of March 4th at John Knox Pavilion from 4:30pm-10:00pm

Taste of Lee’s Summit is an evening of fundraising for the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation to help all students across the LS school district.  You’ll be able to sample food from various vendors, make bids on fantastic donations from the community and interact with a diverse group of people.  We need at least 10 volunteers for this event and there are positions for standing, sitting and walking around – please let me know if you have a preference of what you would like to do.

District Festival – Held at LSW on March 10th from 2:30pm – 9:00pm and March 11th from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Continue reading “February Music Parents Notes”

LSW Music Papa John’s Give Back Night – Thursday Feb. 9

Hello everyone,

Thursday, Feb. 9 is our give back night at Papa John’s. What a great night to order pizza for the family.

Here is some information :

Papa John’s Pizza (923 SW Lemans Lane – Raintree Location only) will be
donating 20% of all sales between 5 pm and 10 pm on Thursday, February
9th to the LSW Music Department. All coupons will honored. No flyer
necessary for us to get credit for the sale. Make sure to mention LSW Music!!!!


Andrea Kaiser