Choir Information

Greetings! We just wanted to thank all of you for supporting our students at the Ice Cream Social on Tuesday. We had a great turn out and enjoyed wonderful music in a perfect setting. The big fall concerts are on Monday, Oct 8 (choir) and Tuesday, Oct 9 (orchestra). More information will be coming!

Read on for important information regarding concert attire:

Women’s Dresses (choir, band, orchestra)

Your daughter should have brought home a peach colored sheet of paper two weeks ago regarding our performance gowns. We have measured and ordered dresses for those who need a gown. They are $80.00 (unless they required a larger size) and checks payable to LSWHS. Once your daughter has paid for their gown, we will send it home with her. Below is the information for alterations:

* The skirts come from the factory extremely long. They (both the skirt and its liner) will need to be serged on a serging machine (not a regular hem) so that, when finished, it is 1″ from the floor with their black, close-toed concert dress shoes on.

* Mrs. Annette Helton is available for this, should anyone need her services. They may contact her at: 816-525-1928 or or

She charges $15 if she has the skirt at least 2 weeks prior to our concert Monday,October 8. She charges $30 if she gets the skirt less than 2 weeks from October 8.

* Each girl will need to take her concert dress shoes when she goes for the fitting, be it Mrs. Helton or whomever.

* The blouses’ necklines must either be tacked or a black camisole worn so absolutely no cleavage shows. 

Concert Choir

Concert Choir members will wear a choir robe and stole. Each member also needs to have concert black clothing (solid black) from the waist down. Men must wear a while collared dress shirt and dark colored neck tie. Women wear solid black dress slacks or skirt with black hosiery.

There is a $30 fee per member that pays for the rental of a choir robe & stole, as well as their choir t-shirt. As of now, we have 20 students who still have not paid their fee. We need the fee taken care of as soon as possible. The student may bring cash or a check (made payable to LSWHS) to Mrs. Pabst (not in the safe, please).

Men’s Choir

Each member of Men’s Choir is required to purchase a dress shirt from our distributor and rent their jacket & tie, totaling $30. If your son is new to men’s choir, we have already measured and ordered their men’s choir shirt. If they have been a member of LWSHS Men’s Choir in previous years and own the shirt, they are only required to pay $10 for the rentals.

We have also sent home all members with their rented jacket & tie. There will be an extra charge at the end of the year if either are returned damaged. They will not receive their shirt until their fee has been paid. Again, we need these paid as soon as possible. Cash or checks (payable to LSWHS) should be given to Mrs. Pabst.