Information Re: Men's Choir Uniform

Dear Men’s Choir families,
In class today, we discussed the details regarding the Men’s Choir uniform for all of our concerts. In case this information doesn’t make it home, here are the details:
The Men’s Choir concert uniform consists of several parts:

  • A blue button down dress shirt (purchased through LSW).
  • A black wool blazer and silk tie (rented through LSW).
  • Solid black dress slacks (provided by the student)
  • A black belt, black socks, and black dress shoes (provided by the student)

Today, each boy was measured for his Men’s

Choir dress shirt. Blazers and ties will be

distributed in a few days. Each member

needs to provide their own dress slacks (solid black) as well as their dress

shoes, and belt.

A $30.00 Uniform Fee is due by September 19th.
This fee covers the purchase of the shirt, and rental of the jacket

and tie. If your student has been in Men’s Choir in a previous year and already owns a shirt, he is only required to pay

$10.00 to rent his blazer and tie. All checks payable to LSWHS.

Thank you so much for supporting your son, and

the LSW Men’s Choir. Hope to see you all

at our Fall Concert on October 14th.
Amy Krinke and Jacob Lowry