Updated information for parade and game this week!

Here is some updated information pertaining to our remaining events for this week:

1. Homecoming Parade, Thursday

  • You will need to come to school that day in your khaki shorts, tennis shoes, hat and blue uniform shirt for the parade as this is our uniform
  • We will leave on a bus during 6th hour
  • We will be near or in First Baptist Church from 1:45 – 3:00pm rehearsing our show music
  • The parade will begin at 3:30pm, head NORTH on Main then circle back SOUTH on Douglas.
  • Students who would like to participate in the parade in another activity as well will be released from the band about halfway through the parade to go back and join their float for the remainder of the parade
  • All band students will return to the school on a bus and need to be picked up AROUND 4:15 or 4:30

2. Homecoming Football Game, Friday

  • Call time with correct clothing for underneath a uniform and black marching shoes with gloves will be 5:30 for all
  • Our show will be performed AFTER the game due to halftime royalty stuff
  • AFTER we perform our show, all band members will be checking in their uniform (neatly folded). This will be explained to them prior to the game. This process should run smoothly if all participate efficiently.
  • Pick up time for Friday night should probably be 10 or later

Homecoming Week Reminders

Thursday – Homecoming Parade
Students should wear blue jeans and Aerodynamics shirt to school tomorrow, as that is our uniform in the parade. Also, no sandals or shoes without a heel are permitted.
Students will be dismissed from class at 2pm so we can load the bus and be transported to downtown LS.
Parade begins at 3:30pm
Students can be picked up back at LSW around 4:30

Friday – Homecoming Game
Students should arrive at school for a 5:45 call and be dressed in running shorts (or something similar) and their black Titan Pride shirt.
Game begins at 7pm
We will NOT perform at halftime, instead, our show will be performed AFTER the game. Please stick around and provide an audience.