Congratulations to the following band students

I "Exemplary" Rating
Amanda Brobst, Katie Case, Maddie Krause – Flute Trio
Shayla Brown, Courtney Bingham, Allyssa DeJarnette – Woodwind Trio
Michelle Liu – Piano Solo
Katie Case – Flute Solo
Shayla Brown – Piccolo Solo
Allyssa DeJarnette – Clarinet Solo
Courtney Bingham – Oboe Solo
Shayla Brown – Flute Solo
Sawyer Harmon – Tuba Solo

II "Outstanding" Rating
David Burre – Trombone Solo
Justin McKinney – Marimba Solo
Chandler Tennyson – Timpani Solo
Isaiah Carter – Snare Drum Solo
Christine Betts – Oboe Solo
Emma Rae-King – Piano Solo
Amanda Berkstresser, Courtney Kratt, Emily Marsh – Flute Trio

Lee's Summit Contest Schedule! TOMORROW

Sorry this coming so late, but the contest organizer just sent it to us late Saturday night. There are MANY band members on this schedule. Students should arrive at LSHS in the PAC area no later than 15 minutes before performance time. Also, they SHOULD be dressed up for this event.

This is for ALL members of Percussion Class, MOST members of Concert Band, and SOME members of Symphonic Band.

You son/daughter has known about this for three months, and has hopefully been preparing outside of school as well. Each performer will earn a rating. All students who earn a "1" or "2" rating will be eligible for a music letter (given they have fulfilled the other requirements). It is also a part of their grade in band, as it is a requirement for all.

Hope to see you there!

Clifton D. Thurmond
Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School

Lee’s Summit Contest Schedule 2014.xlsx