From Mr. Mosier

Hello All Orchestra Parents and Students:

I want to express how proud of all of our students I was at last evening’s concert. This concert was earlier in the year than our past fall concerts have been and the students shined!

Concert Orchestra
I was very pleased with the tempos in general. We had real trouble in class with some of our tempi and for the most part, they really held it together and played well. The cello section did a great job in the Pirates of Caribbean.

Symphony Orchestra
I was impressed with their ability to stay focused on such a volume of music and play well all the way to the end of the concert. I thought OCTOBER was especially beautiful. Our tempos also were very good for the concert setting.

In closing, it is an honor to get to teach such wonderful students. Each morning I get up, I am thankful that I am driving to a job that doesn’t feel like a “job” at all!

Kirt Mosier