November 1st Band News

Wow, what a game last night.  That means we get another opportunity to perform.  

THIS MONDAY, November 5th
Football game at home.  Students are to be in the music area at 5:45 getting into uniform.  We will be performing our halftime show this week.
If we win, we will have another game on Saturday, November 10th, and students will need to be in the music area at 12:45pm getting into uniform.

What an awesome opportunity we are getting to keep the 2012 marching season alive.  Hope to see you all there cheering on the Titan Pride and the football team.

If your child is auditioning for All-District Band or Jazz Band, please have your student at STALEY High School at least 30 minutes before audition time, dressed appropriately (interview style).

TODAY is the due date for the November payment for New York City.  You should be paid up to $1300 at this point, if not please take care of this immediately.

Many of the participants are behind one full payment, therefore owing $400 today.  Please catch up on these payments as we are currently paying bills for the trip and without the money in the account, we are finding ourselves in trouble making these payments to the vendors in NYC.

Friday, November 30th
Put this date in your calendar now as it will be the 2012 Titan Pride Marching Band Banquet.  We will celebrate a memorable season in marching band lore and thank our senior class for their dedication to the marching band over the years.  We will also be recognizing some underclassmen for outstanding achievement throughout the season.

Soon you will be receiving information about the meal for that evening and how family members and friends can attend. Stay tuned………

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Thurmond