Weekly Titan Pride Update

Happy Friday!

Had a great week preparing the band for performance tonight, I hope you are all there to support them in their efforts. The band needs to be in the band area changing into uniform at 5:30pm tonight. Help them to remember their black shirt, black socks, marching shoes, and gloves. Have them eat before they arrive.

Next week at a glance:

Park Hill Marching Festival, Saturday, September 28th
Please refer to the attached document as the itinerary. We will be leaving early in the morning and arriving home in the early afternoon. This will work very well for those attending the Homecoming Dance that night. Look next week for information from our Band Student Council discussing suggested items to bring on competition trips.

Park Hill Festival

If for some reason, you need to pick up your son/daughter at Park Hill South HS before our departure time for home, please make sure I have a notice of this (in writing please) no later than Thursday, September 26th.
Morning Sectional for Clarinets

Marching Band Rehearsal
This is a VERY important rehearsal with us having a competition at the end of the week. Encourage your child to come prepared with the 1st and 2nd movements memorized and ready to rehearse efficiently that evening.

Recorded Playing Test #2
In the same way that we collected playing tests a couple of weeks ago via CHARMS, students now know that they have a playing test covering the 2nd movement due on TUESDAY. Please encourage your child to send their best effort, after it has been practiced several times, as this is necessary to the progress of the band as a whole. On our last test, several students simply went home, pressed record, and played through their music once (in some cases, it sounded very unrehearsed). They received an “A” on that test if they turned it in on time, regardless of the quality. For this test, we will grade based on the same, but this time including quality (whether or not the part is learned and played correctly). If it is not, we will ask the to redo the test.

Morning Sectionals for Flutes, Trumpets, and Baritones
Homecoming Parade
For the parade, we will be taking a bus from LSWHS to downtown LS around 1:30 to prepare for the parade. The parade begins at 3:30pm and all family members, friends, and other public are encouraged to attend and line the streets in support of all the students participating in the parade. Students are to wear shorts, tennis shoes, and their Syndrome (grey) shirt to school that day for our uniform. Students will then ride the bus back to LSWHS and need to be picked up at 4:15pm

Homecoming Football Game
This is the only game of the year that has a slightly different schedule for us as a band. Because of the homecoming festivities at halftime, we will perform our show during POSTGAME. Please stick around and support the band after the game has ended.
After the performance, we will head back up to the building and load our equipment trailers with instruments and uniforms before students leave so we are prepared to leave on time in the morning.

Hope you have a great week!

Clifton D. Thurmond
Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School