Concert/Symphonic Band Playing Tests

Parents and students,

Band members in Concert Band (and Symphonic Band) are being assigned weekly playing tests through These tests are designed to keep the students progressing and keep them practicing 20-30 minutes a day.

Here is some information on how to access Charms:

Here is some information on how to access and use the Charms recording studio:

As with any technology, there has been a few problems with certain students getting their computer or iOS device (search for Charms Office in the App Store) to record their playing tests. Please note that this is NOT an excuse to miss a playing test deadline. Making sure your browser and Java version is up to date is the first step in troubleshooting. The students have heard me say it before, but I grade them all on a 7-year-old laptop of my o wn at home.

While having all the tests submitted through Charms would be preferred, the student should make arrangements to submit the recording one way or another by the deadline. See Mr. Harrel or Mr. Thurmond if you need some advice. You can always find the current playing tests and their deadlines by logging into

Parents, thanks for your help and encouragement of the students as they work consistently to improve their musicality and students, thanks for your hard work as always!