Concert Band Playing Tests

Below you will find a list of playing tests for Concert Band. A very small number of students have spoken with me about not being able to access Charms. These are the kinds of things we’ll have to struggle with when it comes to technology. Thanks for trying your best to make arrangements to get it recorded through Charms.

If that’s not possible, please try to get me an emailed recording or — like we used to do back in the day — a tape recording. Anything will work. The important thing is that the students are practicing on these very small excerpts among other things. I will accept any and all playing tests through Monday of next week so that we can get scores in the grade book. After that (after the concert) it’s not really m uch use to the ensemble to have the playing tests done.

*Please note, percussionists are being grading on ~3 page readings on mallet technique, timpani history, tuning/technique, etc… and DO NOT have to submit the playing tests via Charms.

Thank you,

Shawn Harrel

CB-Christmas Declaration 1 11/18/2013 Play 8 times. You may insert a measure of rest. Keep the tempo steady. -Flutes, Oboe, Clarinets: m. 22, Bass Cl, Tuba: m. 45-46, Alto, Tenors: m. 35, Tpts/Horn: 38-41, Trb./Bar.=62-65 Concert Band
CB-Christmas Declaration 2 11/25/2013 Play 3 times. Fl, Cl. 47-51; Ob. 38-41; Bs. Cl, Tuba: 42-45; Saxes, Horn 32-36; Tpts, Trob, Euph. 28-32 Concert Band
CB Playing Test 3 Christmas Dec or Snow Day Celebration 12/2/2013 Play 4x: CD: Fl. 62-65; Ob., Cl., Saxes 55-58 SDC: Tpt., Hn. 30-33; Trb., Bar., Tba. 26-30 Concert Band
CB-Snow Day Celebration 12/9/2013 Play 4 times Fl, Ob, Bass. Cl. 24-28 Cl, Alto, Hn. 22-25 Tpt. 19-23 Trb, Bar. 31-34 Tuba 41-45 Concert Band