Titan Pride Update, January 29th

Hi there! Hope you are staying warm. I can’t believe it is almost February, and yesterday we celebrated the 100th day of school. May will be here before we know it.

Washington DC Trip 2015
In case you missed our email yesterday (Tuesday) from Mr. Mosier, we are in danger of needing to cancel the trip. The staff will have to make that decision THIS Saturday based on the number of people “officially” registered for the trip. This means you have paid $50 to Music Celebrations International by Friday, January 31st at 11:59pm. The registration form itself can be taken care of later. In order to make this a viable and memorable experience for all (and to prevent a price increase), we must have enough students going for the performance to be what it can be. Please take care of this today if your child plans to go with us next spring. Here are the online payment instructions:
(See attached file: Online Payment Instructions)

Playing Tests
As mentioned in previous emails from me, the members of the Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Percussion Class all have WEEKLY playing tests. In Percussion Class, we do them live. In Symphonic and Concert Band, students are expected to record their tests on CHARMS. The students know how to do this. Please encourage your child to stay on top of this, as many students are forgetting to do so, and their grade is slipping quickly.

Marching Band to perform at February 25th Basketball Game.
Please add this date to your calendar to prevent work conflicts, etc….All members of the marching band are to attend and perform. Logistical information to follow.

District Solo/Ensemble Contest
This is a state organized solo and small ensemble festival that is hosted by the staff here at LSWHS. It occurs on Saturday, March 22nd for all band students. Every member of the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Percussion Class are required to participate as a soloist OR as a member of a small ensemble. Some students have chose to participate in both, which is great. Rules state that participants can enter two solos (on different instruments), and/or two ensembles. Currently, students are working with Mr. Harrel and I on selecting the music for this contest. Students will need to work at home and at school (before and after) to prepare. SOME class time will be devoted to this, but not enough to prepare for the contest. If the student earns a 1 rating at this contest, he/she is eligible to compete at State Solo/Ensemble Festival on Friday, May 2nd.

State Large Ensemble Contest
As mentioned in previous emails and in the band handbook (online at titanmusic.org), the Concert Band and Symphonic Band will be performing at the State Large Ensemble Contest, which is also hosted by the staff and parents here at LSWHS.
The Concert Band will perform on Wednesday, March 26 and the Symphonic Band will perform on Friday, March 28. In addition, the percussionists from the Concert/Symphonic Band are rehearsing after school on Thursdays in preparation for their performance on Wednesday, March 26.

Both of the above mentioned contests are hosted by the staff and Music Parents at LSWHS. This takes an enormous volunteer base. You should receive emails, via CHARMS, from Nancy Shaeffer concerning volunteer needs and how to sign up.

Marching Band Camp Schedule 2014
For those families with 9th-11th graders, attached you will find the marching band camp and drumline camp schedules for the upcoming season. Please get these dates in your calendar now to prevent conflicts over the summer. It is VERY important that all members are at the required camp(s) for the success of the season. Please schedule vacations and other camps around these dates. Thank you for supporting the Titan Pride Marching Band.
(See attached file: 2014 Marching Band Camp)

Have a great end to your January!

Clifton D. Thurmond