MSHSAA State Festival Participants – information on POSTING OF RATINGS

We are looking forward to seeing everyone perform tomorrow. A change this year: RATINGS will no longer be posted outside of the Fine Arts Building. Instead, you will need to download a Free QR Reader App onto your phone. See below information from MSHSAA for more details.

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and provide quicker feedback on ratings we will not be printing off the ratings and hanging on the windows of the Fine Arts Building. Instead we will create a barcode that you can scan that will take you directly to the published scores on the Festival Manager website. We will plan to publish and update ratings every hour. The time it takes to print off all the rooms, sort, tape pages together and hang the results will be eliminated. This should greatly increase the turnaround time in posting results and hopefully save a few trees!

The barcode and instructions will be placed on the window of the Fine Arts building and other buildings used for the festival. Each day will have a different barcode to scan. In order to access this information you will need to make sure you download a FREE QR Reader app on your smart phone. This app will work for all smartphones.