Titan Pride Update, Week of August 18

Greetings and welcome to the 2014-15 school year!

You will be receiving an email like this from me every week (generally on Friday) throughout the marching season to help keep things running smoothly as it pertains to band here at LSW and in your home. Please make sure you read all bullet points as there will be scheduling information, handouts, deadlines, etc……

Wednesday, August 20th
First day of school
All band members will need to have their instrument with them. We will be playing, as well as learning to use our instrument lockers. Since we don’t have band right away, they can drop their instruments off before school in the band room.
Students will also receive information on how to access the online band handbook at www.titanmusic.org, as well as how to sign the online contract. On this contract, there will be an opportunityCompleting this will be due by Friday!

Thursday, August 21st
Evening Rehearsal
5:00pm Drumline rehearsal begins (I know I said this would be on Tuesdays, but when we only have a Thursday rehearsal, it is necessary to do it then)
6:30pm Full band ready to rehearse on the parking lot.
8:30pm Dismissal

Friday, August 22nd
Band Handbook Contract should be completed online by this day
Football Game
Students should be ready to warm up in the PAC by 6pm
All winds and percussion should be wearing khaki shorts and the provided pep band shirt (handed out this thursday). Khaki shorts are a necessity for our first two football games, our first competition, AND all of the basketball games at which we will play. I understand some students may not currently own khaki shorts, but you can probably get some at Kohl’s for a very reasonable price. Again, THIS IS OUR UNIFORM FOR THE FIRST TWO BALL GAMES AND FIRST COMPETITION (as our new band uniforms will not be in until late September).
For parents, the football game starts at 7pm. Many of our parents sit together, so look out for each other upon entering the seating area.
We are generally done, and students are ready to be picked up, by 9:15 or 9:30pm. Please make sure your child is picked up on time.
As a rule, we do not allow the kids to use their cell phones DURING the game, so please be aware.

Commitment Form, Physical, and Activity Fee
Before our first performance, ALL members of the marching band MUST satisfy these three items.
If you have not signed the commitment form (parent AND child), this must be done through the Athletic/Activity office before the end of school Friday!
If you have not turned in a completed physical, it must be turned in to the Athletic/Activity office before the end of school Friday!
If you have not paid your $50 activity fee for being enrolled in band, it must be paid before the end of school Friday!
If any of these three items are not taken care of, it forces me to bench your child from performing at halftime on Friday night. Please make sure we are not put in this position.

Music Parents Meeting (For ALL parents of a student in music at LSWHS)
Next Thursday night, August 28 at 7pm in the band room, there will be a booster club meeting. This is for ALL/ANY parent of a LSWHS music student, not just the board members. Your volunteerism is EXTREMELY important to the success of these programs. Please consider attending this meeting and getting involved. You should have received a message concerning this from our president, Brent Grigsby.

Friday Band Sectionals
Beginning Friday, August 29th, there will be a mandatory sectional for all band students at 6:45AM in the music area. This is the time sections are able to work out issues in music as a section and continue to work on memorization. If your child rides the bus to school, please make arrangements for carpools, or let me know and I will assist in making this happen.

Blessings to you all and have a GREAT week!

Mr. Thurmond