Titan Pride Marching Band – Change of Attire

Hello there! Fall has either arrived or is giving us a little preview, which I love as it is my FAVORITE season of all.

Due to the possibility of chilly weather, we have decided to alter our uniform a little bit so all are more comfortable. Here are the specifications:

  • Students need to wear BLUE jeans
  • Students need to wear their blue Pep Band shirt (same shirt we wore to the first game)
  • Students can choose to wear a THIN, long-sleeved shirt underneath this tee shirt (NO HOODIES OR THICK SWEATSHIRTS) Attempt to match the colors if possible (white, silver, navy, black)
  • Students can choose to bring a light jacket or coat with them. We will collect them during warm up inside the school and have the music parents haul them down to the bleachers (jackets/coats can only be worn while in the bleachers)
  • Students will be wearing the provided ball cap (they will receive this when they arrive Friday night)
  • All girls need to have their hair pulled back into a single braid (not pony tail or pig tails). If their hair is too short for this, please have it pulled up/back to it can be conducive to uniformity.


Clifton D. Thurmond

Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School