Marching Band Parents – UCM

Marching Band Parents,

We hope to see you at the UCM Festival of Champions on Saturday, October 25th. The drumline and guard will be leaving a couple of hours before the rest of the band. That means our parent helpers will be divided between UCM and LSW. Please consider helping out Saturday if you have time. The biggest need for help will be loading the band trailer at LSW around 10:00 AM. They will load at the field. If you plan to carpool with the drumline, they will leave around 7:30 AM.

We have attached a campus map to help you get around. The band’s campsite will be in student lot #50. Lot #50 is southwest of James C. Kirkpatrick Library. The library’s address is 601 S. Missouri Street, Warrensburg, MO. The designated spectator parking for the field performance is at the UCM Multipurpose Building (500 S. Washington Street) across the street from the stadium. Hopefully, you can find closer parking to the campsite if you plan to hang out with the band.

Please e-mail Mary Grigsby (marygrigsby at gmail dot com) with a headcount if you plan to eat lunch and dinner with the band (do not include your LSW band student in the count). We are having pizza for lunch and steaks for dinner. The cost is $7 per meal for adults and $5 for middle school age kids and younger. If you have special dietary needs, please give Mary a call at 816-785-5215. Food may be available for “Walk-ins” on Saturday after the band and those that e-mailed Mary have been served.

There is an admission charge to watch the performance from the stands. The charge will be $13 for general admission and $5 for the Drumline/Guard performance only. Children 6 years old and under are free. Printed programs will be available for $3. The tickets are good for the prelims and the finals.

Please harass your kids Saturday morning to make certain that they leave the house with everything they need. We ran out of spare shoes this weekend because so many of the young folks did not bring their shoes. If you have a section leader in your family, you might help them create an equipment checklist for their section (instruments, mouth pieces, reeds, sticks, shoes, shoes, shoes, etc.). If you know of alumni that have old LSW band shoes that are in good shape, we could use some more spares (particularly larger sizes – 11+).

If you have pictures to share for the banquet, please send them to Maddison Krause on a USB drive by Tuesday (10-21) or call Michelle Krause at 816-536-3067. Seniors– Michelle needs your baby picture and your senior or current picture by Friday. You can email them to Michelle at or deliver a copy to Maddison. If you are taking a copy to Maddison please deliver it by Wednesday (no school on Thursday and Friday).

Thank you,

Scott McMilian

LSW at UCM Campus Map.pdf