Una Voce St. Louis Itinerary

Dear Una Voce Families:

In case your student has not shared the itinerary for this weekend, I’ve attached it to this email. The choral department is taking care of all of the costs associated with this trip, except for food.

If you are planning on driving to St. Louis to hear the concert, the address for the concert venue is listed in the itinerary.

Also, obviously many of us have seen St. Louis quite a bit in the news these days. Please know we are not staying near Ferguson, MO. Clayton, where we are staying is a very upscale part of the city. If anything unfolds in the next two days we will adjust anything we feel necessary to keep LSW students absolutely safe.

The kids are REALLY excited and have been working hard!

Thank you!

Amy Krinke

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St Louis Itinerary.doc