Band District Contest Results

This past Saturday, the following band students competed at the MSHSAA District #16 Solo and Ensemble Festival and earned the following ratings:

Please help me congratulate them on a job well done!

I – Exemplary Rating (Eligible to compete at MSHSAA State Contest in May)
Amanda Berkstresser, Emily Marsh, Courtney Kratt, Shelby Workman – Flute Quartet
Christine Betts, Julia Krause, Maddison Krause – Mixed Woodwind Trio
Sawyer Harmon – Tuba Solo
Jaret Workman – Trumpet Solo
Daniel Schnelle – Trumpet Solo
Alec Sebelien – Marimba Solo
Emily Wiencek – Clarinet Solo
Julia Krause – Clarinet Solo
Chad Fischer – Piano Solo
Michelle Liu – Piano Solo
Amanda Brobst – Flute Solo
Amanda Brobst – Piano Solo
Alec Sebelien – Piano Solo
II – Outstanding Rating
Kate Mosier, Janine Nunes, Aleisha Hancock, Alexis Emery – Flute Quartet
Chad Fischer – Tenor Sax Solo
Kayla Shaeffer, Jacob Ward, Connor Stoehr – Sax Trio
Michelle Liu, Chad Fischer, Peyton Culclager – Tenor Sax Solo
Jacob Grigsby – Marimba Solo
David Burre – Trombone Solo
Haley Lykins – Tenor Sax Solo
Sam Carter, Jacob Grigsby, Halston McClellan, Makenzie Smiley, Jonah Beard, Lilly Mather – Percussion Ensemble
Jonah Beard – Snare Drum Solo
Peyton Culclager – Tenor Sax Solo
Justin McKinney – Marimba Solo
Nick Eggleston, Marco Jiminez, Catherine Hutinett, Ryan Steen – Trumpet Quartet
Emily Baker, Rachel Scott, Will Sullivan, Kevin Ledford, Camryn Halboth, Alex Hachinsky – Brass Sextet
Kevin McMilian – Marimba Solo
Janine Nunes – Flute Solo
Joe Leuth – Snare Drum Solo
Michelle Liu – Alto Sax Solo
Zach DiPardo – Snare Drum Solo
Maddison Krause – Flute Solo