Titan Pride Update, Friday, Aug 14

Good afternoon!

What a great group of kids we have this year. Rehearsals have gone really well the last two weeks. We will keep working hard in gearing up for upcoming performances. Here is some information and updates for you for this next week:

Commitment Form
If you did NOT go to the Clash of the Titans event last Saturday, you MUST make a personal appointment for you and your child to fulfill the requirement. This needs to be done through Monte Seabaugh in the activities office and it MUST be completed prior to August 28. Please call 986-4008 for an appointment.

Thursday Rehearsal, Aug 20
All returning members MUST wear their "uniform shirt" (the one they wear underneath their uniform) for this rehearsal.

Senior Banner pictures will be taken at 6pm on Tuesday, Aug 25. Please prepare accordingly.

Band Lockers
All freshmen will receive their locker on Monday during Freshmen Transition Day. All upperclassmen CAN choose to stop by on Tuesday, Aug 18 during the day to get their locker. This is all designed to allow students to get their instrument up to school prior to day 1 (one less thing to think about that day)

Daily Rehearsals
During class, we will be rehearsing in a variety of different ways. Regularly, we will be going outside for class. Although I realize that fashion is important to many kids, we EXPECT them to have proper shoes for rehearsal. I encourage them to leave a pair of tennis shoes in their band locker for the days they choose to wear sandals or shoes that are not conducive to good marching.

Performance and Rehearsal Schedule
I have, once again, attached the performance and rehearsal schedule. Everything on it is a graded item, meaning they will receive a grade for attendance, citizenship, proper attire, etc… Please make sure you have all of these things in your personal and family calendars to prevent conflicts. Also, a reminder NOT to register for the ACT on October 24th. There is a September and December date that can work.

Have a great weekend!