All District Orchestra Audition Information

Good Morning All District Orchestra Auditioners and Parents!

This coming Saturday, Nov. 8th, we have the KC Metro All-District Orchestra Auditions taking place at Liberty High School. Below, you will see a list of students and their audition times as well as their audition room number. I encourage the students to dress comfortably but not sloppy. This is a blind audition (judges will not see students) so super professional attire is not needed. I will be posting the results of the audition on so please check the site on Saturday afternoon so that you can see results.

Here is a link to google maps that shows the address and directions to the school. Plan on a full 45 minute drive to the school. Try to arrive about 30 minutes before your audition time to warm up and be mentally prepared before you enter.

Map to Liberty High School from LSWHS

I will be at Liberty HS during the auditions and available if anyone needs me. My mobile phone number is: 816-520-4180. Please call me if you need anything.

Please see the attached PDF file to see your audition time and room number.

Best of luck to all!

Mr. Mosier