District Band Honors

Congratulations to all our fellow Titan Band members for a great showing at All-District Auditions on Saturday.

And a special congrats to those who will be performing with one of the honor groups in mid-December.

Janine Nunes – 5th chair Flute HM Band
Téa Thomas – 1st Alternate Oboe AD Band, 1st chair HM Band AND 1st Alternate English Horn AD Band, 1st chair HM Band
Patrick Hu – 16th Chair Clarinet AD Band
Julia Krause – 1st Alternate Clarinet AD Band, 1st Chair HM Band
Jillian Kirkpatrick – 2nd Alternate Clarinet AD Band, 2nd Chair Clarinet
Emily Wiencek – 5th Chair Clarinet HM Band
Kinady Allen – 1st Alternate Bassoon AD Band, 1st Chair HM Band
Michelle Liu – 3rd Chair Alto Sax HM Band
Nick Eggleston – 11th Chair Trumpet HM Band
Justin Nitz – 2nd Chair Horn AD Band and Orchestra
David Burre – 7th Chair Trombone AD Band
Peyton Gilbert – 3rd Chair Tuba AD Band

Way to go Titans!