LSW Music Festival

Good evening,

The Music Festival is quickly approaching. The Festival has two major components: solo/small ensemble and large ensemble. At this time I’m only focusing on the solo/small ensemble.

What is the solo and small ensemble Music Festival?

This event occurs over two days at LSW for the surrounding schools in the district (approximately 12 schools). Vocal solos/ensembles are scheduled on Friday, March 4th and instrumental solos/ensembles on Saturday, March 5th. Students can choose to perform a solo, or in a small group (usually less than 8) or can do both. The festival takes place in approximately 16 classrooms at LSW. There is a judge in each classroom and students are assigned to perform in one of those classrooms. Friends and family are able to come into the classroom and listen. The judge will score the performance from a 1 (the best) to a 5 (not so good). Students that receive a 1 rating will be eligible to perform at State Music Festival (held in late May at the University of Missouri-Columbia campus).

Why do we need volunteers?

We cannot host the festival without several volunteers. Over these two days we will need about 125 volunteers (not including students). We are asking each family to volunteer for at least one-two shifts. It is a great way to help the music department, support your child, and get to know some other great music parents. An added bonus is that you will hear some very talented students and groups. And no musical talent is required for any of the volunteer opportunities!

The festival also provides a number of jobs where students can assist; it’s a great way to fulfill their volunteer hours! Student volunteer sign-ups will be posted on the choir room doors shortly.

We also run a concession stand during the festival; the proceeds allow the music parents to support our music students in a great number of ways.

The kids probably will not receive their performance times until the week before the festival. If you happen to volunteer during the time your child performs, I will make arrangements so that you can still hear them perform. I compare the performance times for each child to the times that the parents have volunteered. If there is a conflict, then I will either assign you to your child’s room or arrange for you to switch with another parent when it is time for them to perform. Please don’t let this stop you from volunteering now.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Michelle Krause (4krauses).

Thank you for your support!
Brent Grigsby
LSWMP President

Charms instructions:

Go to
Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and then select Parents/Students/MembersEnter school code: lswhsmusic
Click on the Public Calendar icon
Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand

Solo and Small Ensemble Volunteer Descriptions
Setup Crew – Prior to contest beginning adjust classroom configuration into contest configuration
Room Monitor – Assist judge by ushering students into room for performance and maintain semi-quiet environment outside room during performance
Information Table – Provide information to individuals on location of rooms, concessions and restrooms
Clean Up Chief – Manage students to ensure classrooms are returned to original state after contest concludes
Clean Up Crew Student – After contest ends, remove stands/chairs and arrange desks back into classroom configuration
Concessions – Receive money, prepare food and serve customers