Una Vocé 2016-2017

Please see the attached list for UnaVoce 2016-17.

Thank you ALL for investing so much of your time and energy in the audition process for the 2016­-2017 Chamber Choir. Obviously, this is an incredibly competitive process, but unfortunately there cannot be a place for everyone. I am so proud of each and every one of you. What amazing and talented students we have at Lee’s Summit West!

The following criteria was used to select this choir:
● Solo Performance (tone quality, accuracy, intonation, diction, musicality)
● Sight­ Reading (pitch, rhythm, fluency, intonation)
● Ensemble Singing (tone quality/color, intonation, “blendability”, rehearsal etiquette, preparation of music, independence, contribution.
● “Every day is an audition” ­ Teacher Recommendations, grades, attendance, classroom behavior, work ethic, contribution to daily rehearsal

If you would like to speak with me regarding your audition, my door is always open. I am asking, however, that you please wait 24 hours before coming to talk to me or to send an e­mail – I know this particular audition can be very emotional. It is always best to distance yourself from the emotion of it all first – that is the reason for the 24 hours. Please follow the same “grace period” for parent contact, if you or your parents feel that is necessary.