Change to TH rehearsal tonight

Hello all,

Too many irons are in the fire at the moment, and unfortunately the lack of school today has complicated a few matters in concern to upcoming events.

Tonight’s Titan Harmony rehearsal will be held in the PAC, and will only last from 6:30-7:30* (see the one exception below). We have to work really quickly and efficiently on ‘Walkin Down That Glory Road’ as well as get introduced to one more piece to round out our end-of-year repertoire.

If a couple of you could be in the building around 6:00, we will be moving 5 risers from the choir room to the PAC for the rehearsal. Help would be appreciated!

***Men of Concert Choir:
Please stay for the full duration of the rehearsal tonight. We have missed valuable time in preparation for our Kauffman performance this upcoming Sunday. We will combine with Una Voce and rehearse the Gloria. With this rehearsal, you will be seen as leaders going into our 5th-hour rehearsals later this week. Your attendance is invaluable in this matter!***

Thank you,
Mr. L

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