Music State Festival

Good evening,

We’re a little over a week away from the State Festival. This festival is a little different than the last one in that this consists of large ensembles for band, orchestra and choir.

We are very short of both parent and student volunteers on all days and shifts. We’ll get each parent into a position to be able to hear their students perform. If there is a specific job you’d like to have please let myself or Michelle Krause know, we’ll do what we can to place you in that spot but keep in mind some areas are higher priority to staff than others.

March 31st – 2nd/3rd Bands
April 1st – Choir
April 5th – 1st Bands
April 6th – Orchestra

Charms instructions — use this to sign up for volunteering for adults and students

Go to

– Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and select Parents/Students/Members

– Enter school code: lswhsmusic

– Click on the Public Calendar icon

– Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand (if you know your students number please enter it)

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