Pre Contest Orchestra Concert for this evening CANCELLED. INFO ABOUT NEXT WEEK’S CONTEST PERFORMANCES

Hello Orchestra Parents and Students:

We originally had a pre-contest concert scheduled for this evening and that concert has been cancelled due to the crazy busy schedule we have been under.

Contest is next Thursday, April 6th.

The Full Symphony Orchestra will perform at 1pm next Thursday, April 6th

The Symphony Strings will perform at 2:05pm next Thursday, April 6th

The Philharmonic/Concert Orchestra will perform at 3:10pm next Thursday, April 6th

These performances are open to the public even though they occur during the school day.

The Philharmonic/Concert Orchestra students will be available for pickup to go home at approximately 4:05pm.


I hope you can make their performances even though they are at odd times as it will be the last stage performance of this year. (Our final performance is in a gym 🙂 )

Thank you

Kirt Mosier

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