State Vocal Solo & Ensemble Results

This past Friday, the LSW Choral program sent a total of 84 students (22 soloists and 8 ensembles) to Mizzou to compete in the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Competition. Please congratulate the following students for their hard work and success!

Received a "I" Exemplary Rating

Kristina Taylor, Rachel Gallo, Hannah Ratigan, Katie Richardson, Emma Carr, Jessica Haney, Sam Carter, Kat Martin
Abrianah Aldewick, Madeline Soderstrom, Ben Ross, Faith Johnson, Natalie Hodson, Chad Fischer, Alex Geoghegan, Jake Hilger

Women’s Choir – Sarah Cox, Grace Gauert, Jessica Haney, Kylie Hayles, Hannah Murray, Uzoaku Okafor, Sydney Lorenz, Ariana Tolbert
Concert Choir Men – Harrison Breshears, Aiden Finlan, Cale Holder, Drake Honn, Zachary Kavanaugh, Noah Kinder, Ryan Steen, Luke Twogood
Una Voce 1 – Abrianah Aldewick, Chad Fischer, Hannah Ratigan, Jake Hilger, Joey Mayo, Kat Martin, Rebekkah Brown, Rhys Gaunt
Una Voce 2 – Alex Huffman, Dylan Brendel, Hayley Steele, Jonah Beard, Kristina Taylor, Lee Dellenbaugh, Max Magee
Una Voce 3 – Ben Ross, Blayne Godshall, Faith Johnson, Kiera Griffith, Maddie Soderstrom, Michelle Liu, Tyler Frey, Will Strong

Una Voce 4 – Alex Geoghegan, Dylan Wiesman, Emma Carr, Katelyn Colon, Katie Richardson, Mat Ross, Matt Gauert, Sam Carter

Received a "II" Oustanding Rating

Kinady Allen, Andrew Phipps, Rhys Gaunt, Cale Holder, Lee Dellenbaugh, Dylan Brendel, Will Strong

3rd Hour Freshman Women – Sophie Brendel, Lauren Hall, Rachel Mayo, Audrey Parson, Maddy Santa, Gabby Sifuentes, Taylor Spurck, Sydnee Uncapher
6th Hour Freshman Women – Kaymyn Brane, Alexis Eigenman, Abigail Eimer, Issy Kaiser, Lindsey McMillian, Mia Page, Shanna Sinow

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