2017 Titan Pride Leadership

Congratulations to the following students and all that applied and auditioned!

Chad Fischer, Field Commander
Julia Krause, Drum Major
Kinady Allen, Drum Major

Band Council
Emily Baker, Kaitie Butler, Ellie Lucas

Caption Heads
Patrick Hu, Woodwind Caption Head
Keira Griffith, Brass Caption Head
Mitch Martin, Drumline Caption Head

Section Leaders
Ellie Lucas, Flute
Chloe Metheny-Morris, Clarinet (marching)
Jillian Kirkpatrick, Clarinet (music)
Luke Poudel, Alto Saxophone
Joylyn Carter, Low Reeds
Will Sullivan, Mello (marching)
Hannah Case, Mello (music)
Kaitie Butler, Trumpet (marching)
Keira Griffith, Trumpet (music)
Vaughn Griffith, Baritone
Emily Baker, Sousaphone
Mitch Martin, Tenors
NJ Johnson, Snares
Caylea Dill, Basses
Alec Sebelien, Frontline

SQUAD Leaders
Lauren Buchanan, Stephanie Richardson, Martina Taylor, Flute
Ellie Russell, Katie Taaffe, Clarinet
Jordan Cates, Saxophone
Isabella Christie, Mellophone
Zach Turner, Trumpet
Mary Grace Starner, Baritone