Titan Pride Update, Week of Oct 2

Good morning folks as we head into our final two busy weeks!   Get ready.

Tuesday, Oct 3
Evening Rehearsal – 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Wednesday, Oct 4
Band Auditions for students in 4th Hour Band
Students have been given their 5-minute audition time and will need to be early to warm up and prepare.  Once they have auditioned, they may leave.
Thursday, Oct 5
Homecoming Parade 3:30pm Downtown Lee’s Summit
At the end of 7th hour, students will be dismissed from class a little early to get on a bus and be transported to the parade.  Students will need to wear the SHOW shirt, jeans or khaki shorts, and tennis shoes.
At the end of the parade, we will hop on the bus to head back to school for dinner and rehearsal.  We will provide dinner for all.
We SHOULD be ending rehearsal around 7pm.  Students will be texting you when we begin rehearsal to let you know if that is different.
Friday, Oct 6
Homecoming Football Game
Call time is 4:30 for battery and 5:45 for all others.  Students should arrive in SHOW shirt, black socks, etc…
FYI, due to the homecoming halftime festivities, we will be performing our show in it’s entirety AFTER the football game.  Hope you will stay and enjoy!
Saturday, Oct 7
Bronco Invitational
Students need to be at LSW to load the bus at 11:45am, as we depart at 12pm.  They should be in their UNIFORM shirt, black socks, etc…
Due to the Homecoming Dance that night, students are free to leave with mom/dad around 3:15pm, once they have put their uniform away.  Students may NOT leave with other students or non-family members.
There will be buses heading back to LSW and should arrive around 4pm.
Itinerary is attached.
Future events and information:
  • Tentative schedule for Oct 14 competition is 10am departure from school and 10:30pm arrival back at LSW.
  • We most likely will have a home playoff game on Friday, Oct 21, and, if we win, it is likely we will have one on Friday, Oct 28 as well.
  • The Band Banquet is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 24 beginning at 6:30pm.  This is a celebratory event intended for students and families.  Students’ dinners have already been paid for.  An RSVP for for families’ dinners will be included in next Friday’s email.
  • All boys have received their tuxedo at this point, please ask them about it if you haven’t seen it.  It is entirely possible they have thrown it in the trunk of their car or stuffed it in their band locker.
  • All girls have received their concert dress and will need to have it altered for factory cuts and such.
Have a great weekend!