All-District Band Audition Results!

On Saturday, the following students auditioned for a spot in the Kansas City Metro District #3 Honor Bands.  The following students were selected, please congratulate them as you see them!

All-District Honor Band (these students will now audition for All-State Band in December)
Allyson Jenkins – 6th Chair Flute
Stephanie Richardson – 1st Chair Oboe
Brett Barger – 1st Chair Clarinet
Patrick Hu – 2nd Chair Clarinet
Julia Krause – 12th Chair Clarinet
Jillian Kirkpatrick – 15th Chair Clarinet
Ellie Russell – 23rd Chair Clarinet
Julia Krause – 1st Alternate Alto Clarinet
Kinady Allen – 1st Chair Bassoon
Chad Fischer – 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone
Josh Baker – 1st Alternate Trombone
Brady Wolff – 2nd Alternate Mallet Percussion
All-District Jazz Band (also eligible to audition for All-State Jazz Band)
Chad Fischer – 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Chad Fischer – Alternate Baritone Saxophone
All-District Honorable Mention Band
Colton Sharp – 4th Chair Clarinet
Katie Taaffe – 8th Chair Clarinet
Julia Krause – 1st Chair Alto Clarinet
Josh Baker – 1st Chair Trombone
Brady Wolff – 2nd Chair Mallet Percussion