Volunteers Needed

District music contest will be here in 2 short weeks and there are still a number of volunteer positions to be filled. There are 9 open spots on Friday, March 6th and about 30 open spots on Saturday, March 7th.

The kids probably will not receive their performance times until next week. If you happen to volunteer during the time your child performs, I will arrange the schedule so that you can still hear them perform. I compare the performance times for each child to the times that the parents have volunteered. If there is a conflict, then I will either assign you to your child’s room or arrange for you to switch with another parent when it is time for them to perform.

Student volunteers will also be needed on Friday and Saturday. Student sign-up sheets will be posted outside the choir room later this week. Also, we still need individuals to volunteer to assist with the Taste of Lee’s Summit on the evening of Saturday, March 7th. Please sign up in Charms if you are able to assist with this wonderful event that raises so much money for the school district and music program.

Charms instructions:
Go to www.charmsoffice.com
Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and then select Parents/Students/Members
Enter school code: lswhsmusic
Click on the Public Calendar icon
Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand
Enter your name and contact information for the shift you have selected
To navigate to another day, go to the blue “Volunteer Opportunities” box and click the down arrow and select another day.

Thank you for supporting the LSW music program! Please email me if you have any questions.

Nancy Shaeffer
Volunteer Coordinator

Lee's Summit Contest Schedule! TOMORROW

Sorry this coming so late, but the contest organizer just sent it to us late Saturday night. There are MANY band members on this schedule. Students should arrive at LSHS in the PAC area no later than 15 minutes before performance time. Also, they SHOULD be dressed up for this event.

This is for ALL members of Percussion Class, MOST members of Concert Band, and SOME members of Symphonic Band.

You son/daughter has known about this for three months, and has hopefully been preparing outside of school as well. Each performer will earn a rating. All students who earn a "1" or "2" rating will be eligible for a music letter (given they have fulfilled the other requirements). It is also a part of their grade in band, as it is a requirement for all.

Hope to see you there!

Clifton D. Thurmond
Director of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School

Lee’s Summit Contest Schedule 2014.xlsx

Congrats to all Choirs!

Una Vocé, Concert Choir and the two combined Men’s and Women’s Choirs all got a “I Exemplary” rating at MSHSAA Large Ensemble Contest today

Congratulations Orchestras!

Congrats to Mr. Mosier and the Symphony Orchestra, Symphony String Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra for their “I Exemplary” ratings at contest yesterday!

Band District Contest Results

Congratulations to the following band students for their success at Saturday’s MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival.

Superior “1” Ratings (Eligible for MSHSAA State Solo/Ensemble Contest May 2nd)
Michelle Liu – Piano
Emma Rae King – Piano
Isaiah Carter – Snare Drum
Jacob Grigsby – Marimba
Chandler Tennyson – Timpani
David Burre – Trombone
Katie Case – Flute
Sawyer Harmon – Tuba
Jonah Beard – Marimba
Justin McKinney – Marimba
Shayla Brown – Flute
Shayla Brown – Piccolo
Courtney Bingham – Oboe
Allyssa DeJarnette – Clarinet
Christine Betts – Oboe
Emily Marsh, Courtney Kratt, Amanda Berkstresser – Flute Trio
Courtney Bingham, Shayla Brown, Allyssa DeJarnette – Woodwind Trio
Amanda Brobst, Katie Case, Maddison Krause – Flute Trio

Excellent “2” Ratings
Kayla Shaeffer – Alto Saxophone
Maddison Krause – Flute
Angela Bechtold – Flute
Kevin McMilian – Marimba
Zach DiPardo – Snare Drum
Trevor Allen – Snare Drum
Amanda Brobst – Piano
Daniel Schnelle – Trumpet
Holly Coleman – Flute
Janine Nunes – Flute
Emily Wiencek – Clarinet
Jaret Workman – Trumpet
Brandon Bruns – Snare Drum
Chandler Tennyson – Marimba
Michelle Liu, Kayla Shaeffer, Jacob Ward – Alto Saxophone Trio
Kate Mosier, Holly Coleman, Alexis Emery – Flute Trio

Good “3” Ratings
Jake Brady – Snare Drum
Jacob Grigsby – Marimba
Collin Whittaker – Marimba
Jacob Ward – Alto Saxophone
Connor Stoehr – Bassoon
Anthony Daleo – Clarinet
Peyton Culclager, Kayla Shaeffer, Michael Lobsinger, Michelle Liu – Saxophone Quartet

A GREAT day by all involved on Saturday, and a WONDERFUL support system from the LSW Music Parents Organization.

Clifton D. Thurmond

Orchestra District Contest Results

Hello Parents and Students:

Please see ratings from this past weekend’s events listed below. The students did a GREAT job and I’m proud of all of them. If your student received a 1 rating, they will be performing at the University of Missouri, Columbia on Friday, May 2nd. There is no bus transportation to this event so please make arrangements now to support your student. It will be a great day.


Kirt Mosier

Student or Group Event Rating
Danielle Adair Viola Solo 1
Ethan Payne Cello Solo 1
Katie Valentine Violin Solo 1
Aysha Mahmood Violin Solo 1
Kathryn Hilger Viola Solo 1
Jordyne Vanselow Violin Solo 1
Quinn Mosier Bass Solo 1
Emily Swaters Violin Solo 1
Caitlin Cook Violin Solo 1
Scotty Smith Violin Solo 1
Jordyne Vanselow, Travis Taylor Violin/Viola Duet 1
Jared Schwartz Cello Solo 1
Olivia Chapman Viola Solo 1
Travs Taylor Viola Solo 1
Sierra Hegarty Violin Solo 1
Olivia Chapman, Emily Swaters Violin/Viola Duet 1
Allison Tsay Violin Solo 1
Kayla Brumley Violin Solo 2
Emily Bratcher Viola Solo 2
Emily Carr, Katie Robinson Violin/Viola Duet 2
Kayla Brumley, Katie Valentine Violin/Viola Duet 2
Mary Garcia Cello Solo 2
Olivia Chapman, Clayre Parson, Jordyne Vanselow String Trio 2
Danielle Sharp Piano 2
Jared Schwartz Piano 2
Alexandra Wilber Violin Solo 2
Alli Lawson Piano 2
Preston Hereford Piano 2
Quinn Mosier Piano 2
James Wiltfang Piano 2
Sydney Gordon, Danielle Alverson Violin Duet 2
Elizabeth Rater Violin Solo 2
Lauren Erickson Piano 2
Ashley Thompson Viola Solo 2
Clayre Parson Piano 2
Jacob Schnitzlein Piano 2
Tyler Touchstone Cello Solo 3
Frank Brefo, Shane Anderson Bass Duet 3
Shane Anderson Bass Solo 3
Eleanor Hayden Cello Solo 3