Band District Contest Results

Congratulations to the following band students for their success at Saturday’s MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival.

Superior “1” Ratings (Eligible for MSHSAA State Solo/Ensemble Contest May 2nd)
Michelle Liu – Piano
Emma Rae King – Piano
Isaiah Carter – Snare Drum
Jacob Grigsby – Marimba
Chandler Tennyson – Timpani
David Burre – Trombone
Katie Case – Flute
Sawyer Harmon – Tuba
Jonah Beard – Marimba
Justin McKinney – Marimba
Shayla Brown – Flute
Shayla Brown – Piccolo
Courtney Bingham – Oboe
Allyssa DeJarnette – Clarinet
Christine Betts – Oboe
Emily Marsh, Courtney Kratt, Amanda Berkstresser – Flute Trio
Courtney Bingham, Shayla Brown, Allyssa DeJarnette – Woodwind Trio
Amanda Brobst, Katie Case, Maddison Krause – Flute Trio

Excellent “2” Ratings
Kayla Shaeffer – Alto Saxophone
Maddison Krause – Flute
Angela Bechtold – Flute
Kevin McMilian – Marimba
Zach DiPardo – Snare Drum
Trevor Allen – Snare Drum
Amanda Brobst – Piano
Daniel Schnelle – Trumpet
Holly Coleman – Flute
Janine Nunes – Flute
Emily Wiencek – Clarinet
Jaret Workman – Trumpet
Brandon Bruns – Snare Drum
Chandler Tennyson – Marimba
Michelle Liu, Kayla Shaeffer, Jacob Ward – Alto Saxophone Trio
Kate Mosier, Holly Coleman, Alexis Emery – Flute Trio

Good “3” Ratings
Jake Brady – Snare Drum
Jacob Grigsby – Marimba
Collin Whittaker – Marimba
Jacob Ward – Alto Saxophone
Connor Stoehr – Bassoon
Anthony Daleo – Clarinet
Peyton Culclager, Kayla Shaeffer, Michael Lobsinger, Michelle Liu – Saxophone Quartet

A GREAT day by all involved on Saturday, and a WONDERFUL support system from the LSW Music Parents Organization.

Clifton D. Thurmond