Jazz Jams Starting Next Week

Anyone who is interested in playing jazz should attend our Jam Sessions which will be starting next week. What is a Jam Session? Basically, we’ll be getting together to play some music. Who can come? Any wind player or rhythm section player. When are they? See the snapshot of the calendar:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.20.55 PM

Ask Mr. Harrel if you have any questions. See you next week! — and also this weekend 🙂

Titan Pride Update, Upcoming important dates!

What a weekend it was! Titans bring home their 3rd State title in 10 years. We had a blast, as I hope your kids did as well. They represented the school very well, in both pride and performance.

Here are a couple of dates and bits of information for your reading pleasure:

Saturday, December 7th
All-State Band Auditions
This only effects a few, those who made All-District Band, but I wanted to share a little.
Students will need to be on campus at Hickman High School in Columbia, MO sometime after 8:30am. Upon arriving, please locate Mr. Thurmond and get your audition number. At that time you will go to the room and sign up for an audition with said number. Auditions begin at 9am. You should plan to stay until you have seen “callback” lists posted. If you are on that list, you will need to audition again. If you are not on that list, you are free to go home.
Come prepared for a LONG day. Bring something to do, and stuff to eat. You will be doing a lot of sitting and waiting.

Tuesday, December 10th
Winter Concert, Symphonic Band/Concert Band/Percussion Ensemble/Titan Jazz, 7pm
Symphonic Band – Call time is 6:45pm in the PAC audience (reserved seats)
Concert Band – Call time is 6:30pm in the Choir Room
Titan Jazz – Call time is 6:30pm on stage
Percussion Ensemble – Call time is 6:30pm on stage
All members of Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Titan Jazz MUST be in concert uniform. Boys are to wear a tuxedo (jacket, pants, cummerbund provided), and are to wear a white, ribbed tuxedo shirt with bowtie underneath (purchased by you), and black socks/dress shoes. Girls are to wear purchased concert dress, hose and black shoes.
All members of Percussion Ensemble are to wear ALL BLACK dress clothes. Boys must be in slacks and a black, long-sleeved, button down dress shirt, with black socks/shoes. Girls are to wear the female equivalent of this (flexible).
Students should expect to stay for the ENTIRE concert as an audience member before and after their performance. Seats will be reserved.

Friday, January 10th
Pep Band Performance at Girls/Boys Basketball game, Time TBA
We will be playing at one basketball game this year, on this date. Please reserve this in your calendars now. More information to follow.

Band Fees
There are still a handful of students with an outstanding balance for marching band fees from the fall. Please take care of this as soon as possible. As of December 6th, I will be placing a fine card on the student in the front office. I need to wrap this up before THIS Friday.

Percussion Orchestra Contract
Members of the battery are a part of the Percussion Orchestra in the Winter/Spring for Contest. They were to fill out the attached contract and return it to me signed by a parent and the student by Friday, November 22nd.
There are still 7 out of 13 that have not turned it in. If you have not taken care of this, please do so at once.

Percussion Ensemble Contract

Have a great week.

Clifton D. Thurmond

2013 All District Band

Congratulations to the following for making the Kansas City Metro District #3 All-District Band, Honorable Mention Band, and Jazz Band:

Shayla Brown – flute 7th chair
Maddie Krause – flute 8th chair
Courtney Bingham – oboe 2, alt English horn
Allyssa DeJarnette – clarinet 3rd chair
Kayla Shaeffer- Bari sax 1
David Burre – trombone HM 1
Sawyer Harmon – tuba 1

Isaiah Carter – vibes, alt drums
Kevin McMilian – alt vibes
Quinn Mosier – piano
Justin Nitz – trumpet 5

2012 All District Band/Jazz Band

KC Metro All-District Band
Shayla Brown, 1st Alternate flute
Courtney Bingham, 2nd chair oboe
Courtney Bingham, 1st Alternate english horn
Joelle Beusterien, 1st chair clarinet
Allyssa DeJarnette, 7th chair clarinet
Abby Kaiser, 17th chair clarinet
Josiah Bardy, 2nd chair alto saxophone
Kayla Shaeffer, 2nd Alternate bari saxophone
Grant Fischer, 2nd Alternate French horn
Sawyer Harmon, 2nd chair tuba
Parker Sheridan, 2nd Alternate snare drum
Dan Ratigan, 1st Alternate snare drum
Dan Ratigan, 1st chair timpani

KC Metro All-District Jazz Band
Quinn Mosier, 1st piano, Gold Band
Isaiah Carter, 1st vibraphone, Gold Band
Josiah Bardy, 1st alto saxophone, Blue Band
Isaiah Carter, 1st drum set, Blue Band

KC Metro All-District Honorable Mention Band
Shayla Brown, 1st chair flute
Maddison Krause, 8th chair flute
Kayla Shaeffer, 2nd chair bari saxophone
Grant Fischer, 2nd chair French horn
Kenny Mott, 8th chair trombone
Parker Sheridan, 1st chair snare drum