State Solo and Ensemble Festival Schedule

Hello Students and Parents going to STATE! for Orchestra Events

Attached to this email, you will find your schedule of events and a map of the Missouri University Campus.

State festival is on Friday, May 1st. You will be excused from school all day to be able to participate. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Please make sure you have turned in your transportation forms.

I look forward to a GREAT day.

Mr. Mosier

All State Orchestra Honors

Please help me congratulate the following in being selected to the Missouri All-State Orchestra:

Quinn Mosier – Bass
Travis Taylor – Viola (2nd alternate)

Orchestra Concert Information for Monday, Dec. 8

Hello Orchestral Students and Parents:

Monday Evening’s Concert times are as follows:

Concert 1 – Philharmonic and Concert Orchestras. – Call Time is 5:45, Concert Begins at 6pm

Concert 2 – Symphony – Call time is 7pm. Concert begins at 7:30pm.

Symphony students can bring a change of clothes and leave their uniforms here for Tuesday’s performance during the school day.

Thank You,

Kirt Mosier

KC Metro District No. 3 All District Orchestra Audition Results 2014

KC Metro District No. 3 All District Orchestra Audition Results

Congratulations to the following students who made the KC Metro District No. 3 All District Orchestras. Thank you to all of our students who tried out today. It was a HUGE success.

Mr. Mosier


Emily Swaters – Violin 1, Chair 1
Sierra Hegarty – Violin 1, Chair 11
Caitlin Cook – Violin 1, Chair 12
Jordyne Vanselow – Violin 1, Chair 16
Kayla Brumley – Violin 2, Chair 6
Sydney Gordon – Violin 2, Chair 10
Aysha Mahmood – Violin 2, Chair 12
Emma Carr – Violin 2, Chair 14

Travis Taylor – Chair 2
Danielle Adair – Chair 4

Ethan Payne – Chair 4
Clayre Parson – Chair 12

Quinn Mosier – Chair 1
Shane Anderson – Chair 5


Kayla Crockett – Violin 1, Chair 9
Lauren Erickson – Violin 2, Chair 4
Yozelyn Jimenez – Violin 2, Chair 5
Joshua Foster – Violin 2, Chair 7
Marli Griffith – Violin 2, Chair 8
Elizabeth Rater – Alternate Violin 6

Katie Robinson – Chair 1
Drew Nelson – Chair 4
Franklin Zhong – Chair 6
Claire Garrison – Chair 7
Ashley Thompson – Chair 9

Jared Schwartz – Chair 10
Emma Hannah – Chair 11
Eleanor Hayden – Alternate Cello 3

Frank Brefo – Chair 3

Wonderful Concert Last Evening!

Dear Parents and Students:

I was VERY happy with the concert last evening. Very proud of the students and their effort. The following Google Drive folder contains recordings of the orchestras to listen to and download:

Fall Concert 2015

I’m looking forward to the Winter Concert!


Kirt Mosier

Orchestra Concert Tonight : Information

Hello Parents and Students:

We are going to give a GREAT concert tonight. Please come and support the students in their first concert effort of the season. I will NOT talk very much as we want to bring the concert in at 1 hour or less 🙂

The CONCERT ORCHESTRA reports to the music room at 6:30
The PHILHARMONIC AND SYMPHONY orchestras report to music room at 6:50


There will be a section of the seating reserved for the orchestra members to watch the other orchestras perform. Part of your grade is staying to see all orchestras perform.

The concert will begin at 7pm in the PAC.

See you there!

Kirt Mosier

Link to All Orchestra Music for this school year

Hello Students and Parents:

I am going to be uploading all songs we play to a Google Drive link. Each student receives 1 copy of each piece we play from me, however, 10% of our students ALWAYS seem to lose their music – causing me much pain and anguish.

This year. If you lose your music or would like to load all of your music on an ipad etc. you can access it at: LSWHS Orchestra Music 2014-15

You will need to be signed in to your LSR7 account to access the music.

This link will be permanently available at

Currently, you will see a patriotic song in the folder that all orchestras will be performing with band and choir at the ice cream social.

Thank you.

Mr. Mosier