Jazz Jams Starting Next Week

Anyone who is interested in playing jazz should attend our Jam Sessions which will be starting next week. What is a Jam Session? Basically, we’ll be getting together to play some music. Who can come? Any wind player or rhythm section player. When are they? See the snapshot of the calendar:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.20.55 PM

Ask Mr. Harrel if you have any questions. See you next week! — and also this weekend 🙂

All Choir Members: Performance times for State Festival, SATURDAY March 29

Dear Choir Families:

The March 29th performance times for all choirs are listed below. Your student has had this information since Monday, so hopefully you have already seen this. This performance is a graded component of all choir classes and has been on the choir calendar since the first day of school. All students need to arrive at LSW dressed in their concert attire.

MSHSAA State Festivals are open to the public, and involve all of the large high schools south of the Missouri River. There will be some wonderful singing happening from around the metro area, and of course our LSW choirs have an outstanding program prepared. Please support our students by attending!

Men’s Choir/Concert Choir Men:
8:00 a.m. call in the LSW Lecture Hall
9:15 a.m. performance in the PAC
9:30 a.m. sight-reading (not open to the public, but mandatory for all students)

Women’s Choir/Concert Choir Women:
9:30 a.m. call in the LSW Lecture Hall
10:15 a.m. performance in the PAC
10:30 a.m. sight-reading (not open to the public, but mandatory for all students)

Concert Choir
10:30 a.m. call in the LSW Lecture Hall
11:15 a.m. performance in the PAC
11:30 a.m. sight-reading (not open to the public, but mandatory for all students)

Una Voce
12:15 p.m. call in the LSW Lecture Hall
1:15 p.m. performance in the PAC

Thank you!

Amy Krinke and Ryan Sullivan

Summer 2013

Greetings and welcome to the 2013 Titan Pride Marching Band,

Mr. Harrel and I are in full swing of preparing for this summer and fall. Here are some items of interest to you as you enter into next year.

Marching Band Camp
All members of the band (woodwinds, brass, percussion, colorguard) are to be at camp at the end of July. Please make sure it is in your calendar now. We have changed the way we will do camp this year. We have gone with a more intense schedule per day, but less days. So, if you had already put these dates in your calendar, please read THIS attachment and make necessary adjustments. It is now July 29 to Aug 1.
2013 Marching Band Camp

Fall Marching Band Schedule
The dates on this calendar include all REQUIRED events outside of the school day. The student’s grade is determined, in the fall, primarily by attendance at these events. Please place them in your calendar now. You’ll notice we have scheduled five Saturday competitions. We will NOT be going to all five. We are currently working out some scheduling conflicts before we decide which one’s we will attend, but wanted you to have all five on your calendar as possibilities.
2013 MB Sched April

Drumline Camp
This camp is for the full drumline (battery and frontline). This is an intense week of working on fundamental development, exercises, show music, and comradery. Please make sure your student is in attendance if they play a percussion instrument.
2013 Drumline Summer Schedule

Hosting the Bluecoats Drum Corps
On July 11th, from 6am to 6pm, we will be hosting a DCI (Drum Corps International) group called the Bluecoats. This is a great oppotunity for our kids and families to observe the intensity and dedication it takes to be a successful marching band. We expect all students to attend and observe at least two hours of rehearsal on that day in Titan Stadium. More information to come at a later date.

Physical Exams
ALL members of the marching band MUST have a physical exam done before July 15th (drumline) and July 29th (woodwinds and brass). The physical exam MUST have been performed after February 1st, 2013 and MUST be on the attached form. This can be handed in to the front office at LSW anytime this summer. Please make sure this is done before your son/daughter’s first day of camp, it is NECESSARY!
Physical form

If I don’t get to speak to you until camp, have a great summer!

Titan Pride Update Holiday Edition

Happy Last-Week-of-School!

Mr. Harrel and I are very proud of the performances by Titan Jazz, the Percussion Ensemble, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band last Tuesday night. What a great way to kick of the holiday season! We hope the parents enjoyed our selections and performances of them. Look forward to more and better music in the spring.

Speaking of next semester, there are some NEW events to add to your calendar. Please make sure you read below in the categories that apply to your child.

Attached is a schedule of required rehearsals for the spring percussion “orchestra”. This group will perform at large group contest in March.

Percussion Ensemble Schedule

Attached is a schedule of required master classes. All of them will take place before school.

Brass Class Schedule

Attached is a schedule of required master classes. All of them will take place before school.

Woodwind Class Schedule

Attached is a list of additional dates for rehearsals and concerts that apply only to those students going on the New York trip. These rehearsals and concert are required, please put them in your calendar now to prevent conflicts from taking place, as all three dates are non-school days.

NYC Trip Band Rehearsals

Concert Performance Dates for next semester

  • Sunday, February 24th 6:00pm New York City travelers only
  • Saturday, March 23rd TBD All Students in the band program will be competing at contest as a soloist OR member of a small ensemble (To Be Determined)
  • Wednesday, April 3rd After School Concert Band and Percussion “Orchestra” Contest
  • Thursday, April 4th After School Symphony Orchestra Contest (only those wind/percussion students in Symphony Orchestra)
  • Friday, April 5th After School Symphonic Band Contest
  • Monday, April 29th 7:00pm Cavalcade of Bands 1 (Concert Band and 1st Hour Percussion Ensemble)
  • Tuesday, April 30th 7:00pm Cavalcade of Bands 2 (Titan Jazz and Symphonic Band)

Mr. Harrel and I wish you and your families a happy holiday season and we look forward to working with you in 2013.


Clifton D. Thurmond

UCM Info for Parents


What a day we had at the Bronco Invitational! The Drumline and Colorguard took first place in our division in the indoor competition. The band got their field performance completed just before the event was cancelled due to lightning. Although there were no results posted, the performance was very good and I’m amazed at the progress that was made from the prior week at Park Hill. Good job band! Keep up the good work!! I really love that final movement and your last formation looked great!!

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Titan Pride Update for 10-5

Greetings! We are really excited about tomorrow. The Titan Pride is ready to roll. I hope you plan to be in attendance and cheer them on, as this is important to the emotion of the performance, the kids feed off of your enthusiasm. Be loud and be excited!

Just in case you missed it last week, here is the itinerary for TOMORROW’s competition. Make sure the students are at LSW on time, with black shoes, black socks, and grey show shirt. It is supposed to be a little chilly, so I suggest some sweatpants and sweatshirt or jacket for the rest of the day.

Next week is a little different than in the past, here is the layout:

Monday, October 8th
Drumline Rehearsal, 2:30 to 4:30

Tuesday, October 9th
Members of the Symphony Orchestra (certain members of the band selected back in August, they know who they are, so if you’re unsure, just ask your child)
Fall Orchestra Concert, in full tuxedo uniform, call is 6:30pm

Thursday, October 11th
Full Band Rehearsal, 5:55pm to 9pm

Friday, October 12th
Loading crew to load trucks after school
Students wishing to audition for All District Band must pay a $10 audition fee by this day. Checks can be made payable to LSWHS.

Saturday, October 13th
Bronco Invitational, we do NOT take a bus to this event, so students should be dropped off on the west side of Lee’s Summit North High School in the parking lot, across the street from Backyard Burger. Students should also be picked up at LSNHS as well.
Here is an itinerary for this event, please do not get it confused with tomorrow’s itinerary:

Bronco Invitational

Announcement for UCM Festival of Champions
This is our last competition on Saturday, October 20th. I am selling tickets for this event, as you need a ticket to watch the performances at ALL competitions. We get 10% of the ticket sales back to us after the event takes place, so please consider purchasing your ticket in advance through me so we can get credit for it. Tickets are $13 each for the whole day. If you would like tickets, please email me the number of tickets you would like, and send a check made payable to UCM (but CASH is preferred).

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Clifton D. Thurmond