UCM Info for Parents


What a day we had at the Bronco Invitational! The Drumline and Colorguard took first place in our division in the indoor competition. The band got their field performance completed just before the event was cancelled due to lightning. Although there were no results posted, the performance was very good and I’m amazed at the progress that was made from the prior week at Park Hill. Good job band! Keep up the good work!! I really love that final movement and your last formation looked great!!

A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped haul, set up, cook, serve food in the rain, work with the kids to get everything loaded in the downpour, tear down in the sprinkles and unload everything back at LSW. Through rain, sleet, shine…You are better than the U S Postal Service!!!

We have a home football game Friday evening and all band members (including drumline and colorguard) are to report no later than 5:30pm. The band will load trucks immediately after the game to be prepared to leave for the competition Saturday morning.

The UCM Festival of Champions is this Saturday, October 20th. If you have not purchased tickets yet, please purchase your tickets in advance to support the band (a portion of the proceeds go directly to the band). This is a long day, but a very fun competition with a lot of good bands from the region. Here is the schedule:

7:00AM Truck drivers and parent volunteers should arrive at LSW by the band pod. We will finish loading the trucks and caravan with the drumline bus to Warrensburg.
8:15AM All winds and colorguard arrive at LSW, load buses and depart for Warrensburg.
9:52AM Drumline performs in Indoor Competition.
11:45AM Lunch is served. Pizza is being ordered, so no volunteers needed for food prep.
1:00PM Colorguard performs in Indoor Competition.
2:18PM Band performs in Prelim Field Competition.
4:36PM Prelim Awards Ceremony.
5:15PM Dinner is served. We are serving steak and will need volunteers to help grill and serve food.
6:30PM Finals Competition begins.
9:30PM Finals Award Ceremony.
10:45PM Approximate arrival at LSW. Please be prepared to pick up your child(ren) if needed.

This competition is different than others, having a prelim and finals. 12 bands will be selected from the prelims to continue into the finals round. They will take the top 2 bands from each division, along with the next 4 highest scoring bands across all divisions*. In the finals round, all bands compete with one another and are ranked 1 through 12. You can find detailed information at www.midwestmarching.com.

I hope to see you all at the game Friday night and UCM Saturday! Go Titans!

Bret Fischer
Band Liaison

*this sentence edited by Mr. Harrel