Band Contest Results 2012

This past weekend, the following LSW Band students participated in the MSHSAA District Solo and Ensemble Festival. They represented our outstanding institution with musical excellence and class. I am so proud to be associated with these fine young musicians. Please let them know that you are proud of them as well as you see them in class.

Earning a “I” rating qualifies the musician to perform again at the MSHSAA State Music Festival on April 27 at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Solos earning a Superior “1” rating
Abby Kaiser – clarinet
Nathan Johnson – marimba
Joelle Beusterien – clarinet
Mickayla Chapman – clarinet
Laura Cooke – piccolo
Angela Bechtold – flute
Hannah Ogden – clarinet
Collin Allen – trombone
Tyler Cox – trombone
Grant Fischer – piano
Jordan McConnell – flute
Shayla Brown – flute
Hannah Adair – flute
Aaron Ratigan – trombone
Courtney Bingham – oboe
Devon DeVaughn – flute
Alex Northcraft – snare drum
Dan Ratigan – snare drum
Tom Petrucci – snare drum
Parker Sheridan – snare drum
Grant Fischer – french horn
Laura Cooke – flute
Sawyer Harmon – tuba
Dan Ratigan – marimba
Alyssa DeJarnette – clarinet

Solos earning an Excellent “2” rating
Zach Carter – piano
Stephanie Brammer – piano
Chris Hockaday – baritone
Kayla Shaeffer – bari sax
Maddison Krause – flute
David Adair – trumpet
Jayme Emery – clarinet
Timon Williams – tenor sax
Aaron Davis – french horn
Amanda Brobst – piano

Ensembles earning a Superior “1” rating
Flute Quartet – Stephanie Brammer, Angela Bechtold, Katie Case, Anna Ruckman
Saxophone Trio – Courtney Bingham, Allison Nill, Timon Williams
Clarinet Trio – Joelle Beusterien, Alyssa DeJarnette, Abby Kaiser
Clarinet Quartet – Mickayla Chapman, Joelle Beusterien, Jayme Emery, Alyssa DeJarnette

Ensembles earning an Excellent “2” rating
Woodwind Quartet – Hannah Ogden, Christine Betts, Shayla Brown, Kennedy Koford
Clarinet Quartet – Allysson Gagne, Camryn Kennedy-Holland, Jason Nickels, Sydney Crawford
Flute Quartet – Ella Leslie, Maddison Krause, Gabrielle Joyce, Amanda Brobst