Arrival Times and Costume Details for FNL

Dear Choir Families, FNL is in full swing, and we are fired up about the show the kids have prepared for you! If you have not purchased your tickets yet, please do that this week. We are about 50% sold out at this point, and this show has sold out the past 2 years. Please see below info re: call times and costumes.

Arrival Times and Costume Details for FNL

The dress rehearsal for all choirs is Thursday and Friday, during the school day. YOUR STUDENT NEEDS TO BRING THEIR COSTUME TO SCHOOL on whichever day their class meets so it can be approved.

Freshman Women’s Choir:

Arrival Time 5:45 pm in the PAC for joint rehearsal with 3rd and 6th Hour.

Costume: Any combination of denim, black and red. Be creative! Jeans (red, black or denim) vests, jackets, layers, hair stuff, have fun! NO SHORTS or TANK TOPS!

Men’s Choir

Arrival Time: 8:00 pm in choir room

Costume: Option 1: Over-the-top 70’s disco (tie-die, afro hair, bell-bottoms, etc.) in the style of “Y.M.C.A.”

Option 2: Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Karate outfits, in the style of “Kung Fu Fighting”

Option 3: Country Bumpkin (jeans boots, plaid, etc.) in the style of “Cotton Eyed Joe”

Women’s choir

Arrival Time: 7:20 pm in Choir Room Dressed in “One Voice” outfit. Since Women’s Choir is performing two different numbers, they will need two costumes.

Costume (One Voice): Denim blue jeans, and shirts in various shades of blue (Sky blue, teal, turquois, etc).

Costume (A Little Party Never Killed Nobody): Black and Bling. Black jeans or pants with metallic colors and accessories (gold, bronze, silver) accents, ONLY BLACK and metallic, no other colors. Go crazy with the metallic, lots of layers, etc. NO SHORTS or TANK TOPS

Concert Choir

Arrival Time: 7:30 pm in Choir Room dressed in Pompeii outfits. Concert Choir is performing two different numbers, they will need two costumes.

Costume (Pompeii): Denim blue jeans with gray and/or black or top. Solid shirts only, no writing, etc.

Costume (Kiss You): British Invasion/British Boy Band. British Flags, Red-Blue-White color scheme, Plaids, etc. Get creative! NO SHORTS OR TANK TOPS

Titan Harmony

Because of athletic events that directly conflict with our normal Tuesday 6-8pm rehearsal, the students chose to reschedule our last rehearsal for Saturday, May 10th from 3-5pm. This is the same day as Friday Night Live. Boys: tennis shoes/sneakers, jeans, black dress shirt, bright solid-colored tie. Girls: black leggings, a reflective top (sequined, glitter, etc.).