LSWMP September news and notes

Good evening,

Thank you to all those that attended the music parent meeting, it was great to see so many new faces. I’ll have the agenda, financial summary and meeting minutes on CHARMS inside the folders shortly. The music program is in full swing with many great things going on.

Nancy Shaeffer has already sent out a couple things that we need volunteers for, please help as you can. Parent activity is essential for our students to succeed in the music program. There are over 700 parents in the music program, imagine the difference we can make in the students success if we each volunteered for a few hours.

News and notes:

– Ice Cream Social — This has been talked about but a couple of highlights. Food will be served at 5pm with performances starting at 6pm on Sept 9th. Anyone that is eating is required to pay, either purchasing tickets early or paying at the event. Please let me know if you have any items that you’d like to donate for the live auction.

Order of performances will be Orchestra, Marching Band, entire music program, auction followed by the Choirs.

– We’re in need of parents to step into open vacancies, be part of the committee or begin shadowing departing members of the music parent officers group.

– Marching Band, Choir and Instrumental uniform. We’ve had a few step up to be part of a group effort but could use more help and also someone in the coordinating position. Currently Yvonne Bechtold is helping us even though her student graduated last year and she has no students active in high school. Thank you Yvonne!

– Volunteer Liaison — Nancy will have her daughter graduating this year and we could use someone or multiple people willing to learn what she does for the music program.

– Marching Band — Buttons will be passed out prior to the next home game. If you’re a senior parent then we could use your help; banners will need to be hung and taken down at each home game and we need a volunteer for this.

– Trailer sponsorship and wrap. If you’re interested or know of companies that would be interested in having their name on our trailers that would be great.

– Fundraising — Cookie Dough fundraisers will be coming out on September 15th with the deadline to turn them in on September 29. All orders will be delivered October 20th.

Upcoming dates:

September 5 — Tuxedo fittings (9:00am-1:30pm)

September 8 — Tuxedo fittings (6:30pm-8:30pm)

September 9 — Ice Cream Social

September 12 — Football game

September 13 — Drummit at the Summit (Drumline)

September 20 — KC Preview of Champions in Blue Springs (Marching Band)

October 2 — Homecoming parade

October 2 — LSWMP Meeting

October 3 — Homecoming football game

You can follow updates from the music program on twitter @LSW_Music. The music parents are on facebook also.

Go Titans!

Brent Grigsby

LSWMP President