Titan Pride Update, Week of September 8th

Happy September, hope all is well with your family.

LOTS of information here, so make sure you read everything that applies to you and your child.

Tuesday, September 9th
Ice Cream Social

  • All unsold tickets and money for sold tickets were due TODAY at school. If this didn’t happen, please have your child bring money and unsold tickets to school on Monday.
  • Tickets are required for ANYONE who will eat a meal or dessert (separate tickets). This includes the performers.
  • All band students are to be in the PAC for warm up at 6pm. They should be dressed in our current uniform (new titan pride shirt, khaki shorts, tennis shoes with socks)
  • The event begins at 6pm in the courtyard (weather permitting) with the orchestras, followed by the band, followed by the choirs.
  • We hope to see you ALL there!

Thursday, September 11th
Evening rehearsal for full band. Rehearsal begins on the parking lot at 6:30pm

Friday, September 12th
Football Game vs Rock Bridge.

  • All band members should arrive in uniform (new titan pride shirt, khaki shorts, tennis shoes with socks & hat which will arrive next week) and be ready to warm up in the PAC at 6pm.
  • If the weather is cooler, please have them wear a long sleeve shirt UNDERNEATH their uniform shirt, if they’d like.
  • Barring time changes, the game should be over around 9:15 and students should be picked up around 9:30.

Saturday, September 13th DRUMLINE ONLY
Drummit at the Summit

  • This is for all members of the battery and frontline
  • Attached is the itinerary for the day, students will meet at LSWHS before 1pm so the bus can depart by 1. We are riding there together, not driving ourselves and arriving separately. This will make for a unified day.

(See attached file: Drummit at the Summit.doc)

Other Items for future reference:

  • The second payment for band fees (if you chose the payment plan) will be due on September 15th.
  • Remember that we added the performance for the volleyball game on Wednesday, September 17th. (Details still pending)
  • Our first band competition is on Saturday, the 20th. We will perform twice that day. The first performance will be in the early afternoon and second in the evening. Details for the day will come out next Friday.
  • If your child is planning to audition for All-District Band, they should have information with them pertaining to important dates. They must have a recording for me and the $10 audition fee by September 25th.

Thank you so much for all you have done to support the band so far this season. It is shaping up to be our best yet! The kids are doing AWESOME!

Clifton D. Thurmond

Drummit at the Summit.doc