New Uniforms and LSN competition

Greetings! There is a lot of information for the music parents this week. Scott and I have combined our emails so you will find an assortment of information in this email.


Great news…the new band uniforms are scheduled to arrive at the school on Friday. The challenge is that we need to fit 100 band members into their new uniforms before the football game Friday night. Several parents have met over the last week to devise a game plan for distributing the uniforms as quickly as we can, while keeping the chaos manageable.

The game plan calls for 2 assembly lines with 6 different stations on each line. In order to fully staff the assembly lines, we are asking for 30 volunteers. If we have that many volunteers, then we are confident that the kids will be looking sharp in their new uniforms for the Friday football game and that all the parents will be able to enjoy Senior Night.

Time: 2:30 to 5:30

Where: LSW band room

How to volunteer: Sign up in Charms (instructions at end of email), come to the band room and you will be assigned to a station with documentation of the job responsibilities for that station.

If you can’t be at the school at 2:30 but can help later, please go ahead and sign up in Charms.

Just send me an email to let me know when you will be there.


Please join us at the band’s campsite on Saturday. We will not know where our campsite is located until we arrive. Just look for our two big white trailers. There is no charge to hang out with the band.

We are having pulled pork and drip beans (aka fantastic baked beans) for dinner. You may eat with the band. The cost for adults is $7 per adult and $5 for middle school age and younger. Please e-mail Mary Grigsby (marygrigsby) with a head count if you plan to eat dinner with the band (do not include your LSW band student in the count). If you have special dietary needs please give Mary a call at 816-785-5215. Food may be available for “Walk-ins” on Saturday after the band and those that e-mailed Mary have been served.

There is an admission to watch the performance from the stands. Adults are $10. Students are $5. Kids under kindergarten age are free. Please take pictures. We need pictures to share during the end of the season banquet.

Thank you again for not parking in the driveway near the band doors during loading and unloading. As always, we can use lots of help loading and unloading. We have new shelving in the percussion trailer to help us be organized.

Thanks again for your support of the LSW Music program!

Charms instructions:

·Go to

·Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner

·Select Parents/Students/Members

·Enter school code: lswhsmusic

·Click on the Public Calendar icon

·Go to Oct 10th and click on the hand to volunteer