Ice Cream Social Information and Standing/Seating Chart Attached

Hello Students and Parents:

On Tuesday evening we will have our first performance of the year and it is going to be GREAT!

Here is some info for you:
Wear Blue, Grey or White LSWHS shirts with jeans or shorts
5:30pm Call to tune and get stands in the Instrumental Room
After the performance, take your stand back to the room and rack it on a stand rack or put it against the back wall. if you leave it in the doorway, you will be banished to a far off land.

ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL: Is a standing chart (except for cellos, they will be seated and are in charge of their own chairs) . On page 2, you will find your assigned number. Please match it up with the numbers on page 1 and you will know where to stand. Also, look at the spreadsheet list and figure out who your stand partner is. They will either be grey or white (the same color as you)

Softball players, Tennis Players and Varsity Volleyball Players have not been included in this chart.

Thank YOU,

Mr. Mosier