Hi there! Hoping you all get a chance to see this tonight (WEDNESDAY)

2 VERY important changes for tomorrow:

1. For the parade tomorrow, please have students come to school in non-athletic shorts and an LSW shirt that is navy, grey, or white. (all students have at least one shirt that fits this request)
Make sure they bring/wear it to school as we leave before school lets out for the day (1:15)

2. Not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner, so I apologize if it creates any logistical issues for you. Instead of having mandatory homework/study time between dinner and rehearsal, we are just going to start rehearsal early and end early. Therefore, tomorrow’s updated schedule looks like this:

1:15 – students released from 6th hour
1:30 – students load buses with instruments for parade
1:45 – arrive at First Baptist Church downtown and head to gymnasium for music rehearsal
3:00 – line up for parade
3:30 – parade begins
4:00 – dinner is served in First Baptist Church gymnasium
4:45 – load buses to return to school for rehearsal
5:15 – rehearsal begins
7:30 – REHEARSAL ENDS (please pick your son/daughter up at this time)