Titan Pride Update, Friday, September 25

Happy Friday Titans!

Another week gone by and now we hit competition season! Woohoo! This means we have commitments 3 out of the 4 Saturdays in October, so plan ahead.

Call time for battery is 5pm. Uniform shirt, shorts, black socks, marching shoes.
Call time for all others is 5:45pm. Uniform shirt, shorts, black socks, marching shoes.
Please make sure the kids eat before they arrive.
Please pick them up around 9:30pm

Tuesday, Evening Rehearsal
With this being competition week it is CRUCIAL that the kids are at rehearsal. We’ve had lots of absences lately (some unexcused) and it is very difficult to prepare without everyone in attendance. Please avoid all conflicts (only exception is school activity related). “Section” tee shirts worn this night.

Thursday, Evening Rehearsal and PARENT PREVIEW
This is our last rehearsal prior to Saturday’s competition. We are wanting to have as many/all parents as we can in the stadium around 7:45pm to 1. Have a captive preview of the show. and 2. To learn the audience participation spots in the show to help add energy for Saturday. Any/all parents/family/friends encouraged to attend to help our kids prepare.
Students will wear the yellow “Shine” shirt for this rehearsal.

Saturday, Park Hill Marching Festival
Attached you will find the itinerary for the day. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Call time for full drumline, drum majors, and brass soloists is 7:45am
Call time for all others is 9:30am
All students should arrive in yellow “Shine” shirts, shorts, black socks, and marching shoes.
Please have students eat breakfast before they arrive.
We will be serving lunch during the day.
Students can bring money if they’d like addition concessions.
We encourage parents to join us all day OR show up for performances. These events are fundraisers for the schools hosting them, so there will be an admission fee. The more parents we have the better!!!!!

Future Information

  1. The rehearsal mentioned last week scheduled for Friday, October 23rd, has been postponed to a later date. More info to follow.
  2. Boys have been fitted for their concert tuxedo. We provide the coat, pants, and cummerbund, but families need to provide their son with a TUXEDO shirt (this is not a normal white dress shirt) and a black BOWTIE. First performance for this uniform is in November.
  3. Girls concert dresses will arrive next week. There may be need for you to have it altered prior to November performances.
  4. Students planning to audition for All-District Band, should be practicing regularly as the audition is quickly approaching.
  5. Start getting the concert instrument in playing condition, as we will begin concert season the week of October 26.
  6. Band Camp 2016 is July 25-29, please mark your calendar now!

Have a great weekend!

Park Hill Festival