End of Band Camp performance, meeting, etc….

Good afternoon all!

Tomorrow marks the end of our band camp experience for 2016. Sad….I know, but we will cope.

We will perform for the parents on the southwest parking lot on campus at 4:30pm.

Please bring a bag full of non-perishable food items as we are doing a food drive in conjunction with our performance tomorrow night to benefit a food pantry "yet to be determined" in Lee’s Summit.

After our performance, we will all pile into the PAC and go through the eligibility/commitment form process. It is required that all students and at least one parent go through this and sign the form after having the information presented. IF the student and/or parent is not present at this meeting, you will need to attend the same meeting for athletes on August 8th. Students will not be able to perform in the August 19 ball game unless this process is completed.

See you all tomorrow afternoon!