Band Rehearsal Tuesday/Thursday AND Make-up Eligibility Meeting

Hi All!

We will get back to it THIS Tuesday and Thursday night. Rehearsals both nights will go from 6:30-8:30pm.

All students will need to wear light weight athletic shorts and a short-sleeve tee shirt for the uniform fitting, as this is what you will wear for performances underneath our uniform.

We are asking all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to come at 5:30pm on Tuesday to begin the uniform fitting process.

All Rookies will begin on the parking lot at 6:30pm.

Rehearsal will be over at 8:30pm, so please make sure your ride is there on time.

On THURSDAY, during rehearsal, we will be taking a group picture, individual button pictures, and senior poster photos. However, we will still have rehearsal as well.

IF you and/or a parent missed the meeting last Friday (at the end of band camp), you will need to attend the make up meeting at one of two times tomorrow night (6pm or 7pm). I would imagine the later meeting will be less crowded.
REMEMBER, this is a requirement to perform and must be completed prior to our first performance on the 19th. IF you miss this meeting as well, you and a parent will have to make an appointment with the activities office during school hours to take care of this requirement.

See you Tuesday night!