LSWMP Ice Cream Social information

Ice Cream Social – This is a required performance that will be held September 20 starting at 6pm.

· Volunteers were at the high school this past Thursday and Friday handing out a packet that includes five meal tickets, five dessert tickets and a letter explaining the ice cream social. I’m also attaching the letter to this email.

· If you haven’t received the tickets from your students please ask them. There will also be more tickets available from each of the music teachers should you need additional tickets.

o It’s important that money/checks or unused tickets are turned back in so that we can plan accordingly for food. Checks can be made out to LSWMP. There are envelopes and lockboxes in each music room for turning in tickets/money.

· Support – Volunteers are needed for this event as we serve roughly 2600 combined meals and desserts at this event in just a couple of hours. Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated. Just like you I want to watch my son/daughter, I’ll be stepping to the side to watch my son/daughter perform at their time while I’m volunteering. Please see the end of this email for signing up through CHARMS.

· Desserts – We need cupcakes, cookies and brownies, etc donated. We get the ice cream from Dairy Queen but the other desserts are the biggest hit. If you’d like to donate please include a list of all ingredients. This is a requirement from the health department and we aren’t allowed to serve anything that doesn’t contain a list of ingredients. Please also include your name and contact information should we have any questions. Signups are also in CHARMS for this.

· Auction – We will have various items to auction off throughout the evening. If you’d like to donate or know a business that would like to donate please let me know. Some of the items we already have are Chiefs tickets, Chipotle gift cards, LSW Music merchandise basket and a Bath & Body Works basket. If you’d like to make a decorative cake for the auction that would be great as well.

· Food will start being served at 5pm with performances starting at 6pm. Orchestra (all) will perform at 6pm, followed by the various choir performances with the band closing out the performance. Food will be served until we’re out or until the last performance begins, whichever comes first. Auction items will begin at 6pm as well.

· If you, or any of your guests have dietary needs we’re working on having a couple of options. Please send me an email or call and we can work that out.

· Students should plan to eat prior to performing. Once the last performance of the evening starts we’ll stop serving food.

o Students that want to eat need to purchase a ticket(s) as well.

This is our primary general fundraiser of the year that allows the music parents organization to help support the music department with so many things. I look forward to seeing everyone there for a fantastic night of music.

Thank you and Go Titans!

Brent Grigsby – LSWMP President

Go to

Select Enter in the upper right-hand corner and then select Parents/Students/Members
Enter school code: lswhsmusic
Click on the Public Calendar icon
Go to the day that you wish to volunteer and click on the hand

Ice Cream Social Letter 2016.doc