Spirit Cup Fundraiser

Dear LS West Music Families:
This year is a trip year as most of you know and we will be traveling to Chicago! To help offset the cost of the trip we will be offering “Spirit Cups” as fundraiser to the students and their families. We are thrilled to be using the power of the NFL, MLB, NHL,U.S. Military and your favorite collegiate teams to help us raise funds. These 3-D animated cups are BPA free and dish washer safe and pack a real WOW FACTOR! The profits from this fundraiser will go into the student’s individual accounts. There are many other cost associated with our music program that can be paid for from the student’s individual accounts as well as trip cost. (The profit margin on this fundraiser is 40% from the brochure and 35% from online sales.)

The ROYALS WORLD SERIES CHAMPION TRAVEL CUPS are now in and available for a
limited time only. They are available only in a two pack for $20.00.

* Our music program has received a FREE online account but individual participants must sign up at www.SpiritCupsDirect.com/login
* Under “Participant Sign Up” search for your organization( LEE”S SUMMIT MUSIC BOOSTER), create/enter a username, email and password, and click “Sign Up.”
* You will be directed to a Participant Admin Page where you can fill out other information and will be given a unique sales link. This is what you will send to friends and family around the country through email and social media to help you generate more sales!

Sale Starts TODAY!
Talk to neighbors, friends, relatives, facebook friends and co-workers
Sale Ends Monday, September 19th
Money & order forms are due. Please fill out the top of the order form.
** Make checks payable to LS West Music Parents.
Student will be notified when the orders are in. (Mid October)
Pick-up will be in the instrumental (band) room. (Room 1060)
Please contact Andrea Kaiser at lswmusicfundraising at gmail for any questions.
*All students selling 5 items will be entered into a drawing for a BEAUTIFUL ROYALS WORLD
SERIES REPLICA RING! (Pictured above)
*Students selling 10 items will receive a ROYALS TRAVEL CUP! ($12 VALUE)
*Students selling 20 items will receive a Chiefs 4 piece set of SPIRIT CUPS! ($20 VALUE)
* Top seller will receive ONE SPIRIT CUP FROM ALL 32 NFL TEAMS!