Auction and merchandise tonight

Good morning,

I wanted to give a couple of exciting updates for the Ice Cream Social tonight.

We’ve got some brand new spirit wear available to purchase. There will still be some of our old styles as well but Marcie has been hard at work getting different options available for anyone that is interested. Stop by the merchandise table and have a look, we’ll be able to accept several forms of payment as well.

Auction – For the very first time in the history of the Ice Cream Social we’re going to have a silent action tables due to the amazing support of donations. Stop by the tables to get more information on these items:
Lowes gift card
AMC gift card
Wreath that is hand made
Chipotle gift cards
QuikTrip goodies
Cheesecake Factory gift card
Beauty Brands basket
Spirit Wear basket
Shucks Corn Maze basket
Halloween Basket
Thanksgiving Basket
Homemade Ice Cream Cake (might be a live auction item)
I’m sure there will be some others available as well. These make great presents with the holidays coming up.

Live auction items – Chiefs tickets and Sporting KC tickets (dead center, second row). One of these items will be auctioned between the performances of Orchestra/Choir with the other likely between Choir/Band. There could also be some smaller auction items done between choir changes. If you’ve got auctioneer experience or just want to give it a try come see me.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tonight for an amazing informal fun performance from our students and having some food at the same time.

Thank you so much!

LSW Music Parents President